My Mailman just came!

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  1. I got my Calcaire City AND my Ink Compagnon wallet today! Its like Christmas! I am sooo in love with both items! woo hoo!:love:
  2. ^^ yippy, congrats Donna :yahoo:
  3. Congrats! Make sure and post some pics!
  4. Pics pics pics............... need something to take my mind off my almost-dream-Bal purchase! Can't wait to see the Ink!
  5. Merry christmas then....:P :yahoo: Pics please!
  6. :yahoo: yippeeeeeeeeeeeee Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I need to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  7. Yeah Donna!!! Pic's please!!
  8. wow! Two in one day! congrats Donna. :yahoo: pics pics pics!
  9. Whoo hoo! Congratulations!
  10. Sweeeeeeeeeeet! yay for Donna and her new babies :drool::yahoo: :wlae:
  11. When I saw your link, I knew it would be something great (and most likely an accessory!!!) Congrats - a twofer!
  12. YAY Oh Donna!!! :happydance:
  13. Congrats Donna! Can't wait to see the photos. :flowers:
  14. Congrats! Pics??
  15. WAIT! It gets better! He brought the City and Compagnon to my door, BUT when I checked my mailbox, there was my new Silver Planet/Boobie! Its BETTER than Christmas! Boobie count is up to 5, if you count the one my daughter "borrowed", 6.:love:
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