My mailman has been busy ....

  1. I got a couple of new goodies this week :nuts:

    I know you just L-O-V-E the guessing game so here we go :devil:


    lol, don't get mad at me, I'll upload pics as soon as possible :p
  2. I have no clue, I hate guessing games lol
  3. :popcorn:
  4. What is it, kittie? I see a vintage box, small drawstring, and small slide dust bags!:p
  5. White MC Wapity and old red Vernis Cles


    Crinkled Silk Bandana (I still don't have any clue about the name though :confused1:)

  6. I'm working as fast as possible imageshack is TERRIBY slow on me right now :hysteric:
  7. and finally the green silk scarf (of course I still don't know the name either :push:smile:


    That's it ... thanks for looking! :flowers:
  8. that green scarf is hot!!!

  9. OMG!!!!! this is the sprousse scarf!??!?! it's sooo gorgeous! i waaaaaant one!!!! love the wapity! and the other green scarf!! i'm jealous..LOL
  10. congrats :nuts:
  11. I love the green scarf! Congrats on your finds!
  12. Congrats! love your new stuff! you've got such an good taste!
  13. Lovely stuff! I adore the green scarf, thanks for sharing and congrats!
  14. Great accessories! Congratulations. :heart:
  15. Lovin the green as well, congrats :smile: