My Maiden Voyage to Hermes NYC

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  1. :yahoo: :P

    OMG It was amazing. I am attaching pictures. First, my outfit....

    AG black jeans
    Target long sleeved white tshirt
    True Religion Blazer
    Prada Boots
    Hermes Pink Scarf as a belt
    BJ Evelyne

    Took the train into NYC, subway up to 52 and Mad. DH met me there. I could not believe how busy it was at 6:00 at night! I really never made it past the first floor (DH does not have a lot of patience for shopping). I was really only going to exchange my bracelet (pink clik clak). They did not have the larger size in :crybaby: and will call me after the holidays when it comes in. I was walking around looking at all of the beautiful accessories (my wish list is ridiculously long now :wtf: )...anyway, I was working with an SA (very nice). One of the other SA's stopped her and tried to discreetly question my evelyne. She asked what style that could be because Hermes never put a pocket on the outside......DUHHHHHHHH :hysteric: . Well, my SA set her straight. I kinda felt like she was trying to point me out as a fake. So....DH finally directed SA over to.....I'll let you see......
    hermesmaidenvoyage1.jpg hermesmaidenvoyage.jpg hermesmaidenvoyage2.jpg hermesmaidenvoyage3.jpg hermesmaidenvoyage4.jpg
  2. Love your outfit!!! Did you have a nice time overall- other than that obnoxious other SA?
  3. POTH, we were there at the same time. The other girls (DQ and callmelulu) and I spotted you and your Evelyne at the bracelet counter.
  4. Congrats on the maiden voyage! I got to visit the NYC for a little while on Mother's Day and came home with some perfume from DH and DS.

    Your new purchase is wonderful! It seems like your DH is quite a sweetie!

    We will have to make a trip into the store together (without DHs, but with their CCs) to properly indulge in all its splendor!

  5. How could you not say hi????????:sad:
  6. Addicted...I would love to!!

    DH and I had dinner at a great restaurant after too....Bar Masa. Amazing sushi. Delicious cocktails!!!!

    hermesgroupie, DQ and callmelulu...I really am soooo bummed!!!

    But did you see the croc birkin with diamonds get taken out of the case!!!!!!!! OMFG!!:drool: :tender: DH was sweating just looking at it. He alsmost plotzed when the SA told him the price and then said, "But a regular leather Birkin is ONLY about $7500." :wtf:

    He is still getting over the fact that he plopped down almost $2000 for a wallet...although he actually does love the wallet. He thinks it looks very classy.
  7. POTH, we didn't realize that was you. I'm PMing you.
  8. POTH - they're a shy bunch. Really, really shy. And quiet too. Never a peep out of those girls...............

    don't feel bad, POTH - it's really hard to approach someone when you're not sure who they are. I've had that happen to me in the SF store a few times. I see someone and I THINK they're a PF'r but I hesitate because I don't want to look like a total idiot if I'm wrong.....KWIM?
  9. Yeah! I mean how do you go up to a complete stranger and ask "Don't I know you from the Purse Forum?" But after seeing your picture and recognizing your bag, I'm pretty certain that was you. We were all there until closing.

    ............and I'm actually really shy:shame: , but I know you can't tell from my posts.:nuts:
  10. PH, we noticed you and your lovely bag -- but i didn't realize that it was you until i saw this post. also, some people don't like to be "outed" if they're recognized, so i never really know whether i SHOULD say hello . . .

    beauteous wallet - congrats!
  11. Strangers in the H:whistle: exchanging glances.....
  12. Yup! I, for one, don't like getting outed.:s
  13.'s very uncomfortable and kinda embarrassing...........

    I always love to meet the ladies of tPF (I'm really, really shy myself....I mean......REALLY shy!) but the way I do it is to announce that I'll be in a certain place and see if anyone wants to meet up for coffee or drinks first before heading off to H. Great ice-breaker and you walk into the store like you've known each other for years!!!!!

    This is the best know......for us shy girls............
  14. ........then you've got a martini or two under your belt and your ready for HERMES!!!!!!
  15. OK OK. I understand...but it would have been so much fun to share my first experience with all of you!! DH is just not as excited about Hermes!!