My Maiden Voyage Marc Jacoba Venetia Day.....

  1. hI fellow PF'ers, I took my new black venetia out today fro her first look at the world. I received several complements on her from a couple of ladies in shoe dept. @Dillards and at Lenscrafters.
    She is a HEAVY bag but so worth it. I have the soft calf leather and she is so soft and just creamy.
    I didn't mind the strap , I love the design
  2. That's great! I love venturing out with a new MJ bag for the first time as well. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Congrats!
  3. I love stories like this! I am the only one out of my friends that has or is familiar with MJ bags and due to the fact that I don't live near a boutique or high end dept store...not many people recognize my bags :sad: It may sound a little selfish but I would LOVE to have someone approach me that actually appreciates my babies as much as me! Congrats on your Venetia....they are gorgeous bags. Your obsession has officially started! Welcome to the club! ;)
  4. Great! I love taking the bag out for a spin after you first get it! It does make me really nervous and very conscious of everything I'm doing but I LOVE it! Yeah!
  5. Yay! Sounds like you had fun with your new bag. I love your description of the leather - "creamy." That's the first time I've ever heard anyone describe leather like that but it's so darn true!!
  6. It is a lovely bag.
  7. The leather IS wonderfully creamy, it's pure tactile luxury :smile:
  8. I'm glad that you are enjoying your bag!