My Magic Bag is here! Oh the bliss...

  1. All, I'm home sick today and nothing made me happier than this showing up at my door.

    I have searched long and hard for a Magic Bag...many of you might recall I got a zucca hobo but then returned it to BG and wanted to exchange for a Magic bag, but BG was out of them :sad: .

    So, thanks to all of you and your help, I got one off Jomashop...for about half the price! :yahoo:

    I love this bag so much because it will go with so much of my wardrobe and is soooo unique.

    Fendi Magic.jpg
  2. Ooooh, that is cute!! Congrats!
  3. Nice bag..
    Is this the medium or large size??
  4. It's really lovely. ^^
  5. It's the medium size...Approximately: 12"L x 8"H x 4.5"W.
  6. oh likey! very lovely... just waiting for's all leather though. that monogram is nice. way to go!
  7. Very nice! The magic bag is one of my favs!!!!
  8. Hi--I think 12 X 8 is the small?
  9. It is very, very cute! Enjoy!!
  10. Congratulations! It's such a lovely bag. Thanks fos posting.
  11. It's adorable, congratulations! :yahoo:
    Handbags are a cure for any ailment, don't you agree? ;)
  12. Congrats, I love the design of the Magic bag! :flowers:
  13. nice bag...please post a pix with you posing with the bag so we can see how big/small is it....i'm thinking about getting this bag was ur experience? i was thinking about ordering this magic with them too
  14. congrats, love your new bag.
  15. OK I apologize in advance about this pic because:
    I'm sick and in my sweats
    I suck at self modeling pics
    lighting is poor.

    Other than all that, I hope this gives an idea of the bag proportions...I'm 5'4".

    I had a great experience with jomashop...shipped next day!
    P3130013 (2).JPG