My Magenta's A Customs Hostage

  1. DHL called up earlier and told me customs tax is roughly $290 for my magenta first i was sooo shocked its so expensive :crybaby: my origan balenciaga was shipped tru UPS and there was no problem w tax. and worst is magenta is still with customs and they wont process until monday ... im soo pissed and i have no plans of spending that much on tax :hysteric: That amount can buy me a new bag ! :hysteric:
  2. oh no :crybaby:that's so sad... I'm sure there's a way around it... So much for the discount then!!
  3. OMG kaka! i'm sorry about this whole customs deal! that tax is :throwup:
    do they just pick out packages randomly at customs? i had a gorgeous pistachio clutch delivered from a lovely and wonderful gal overseas in less than a week with no customs or duties charged :amazed:
  4. That's a lot of customs cash :sad: . I bought a city from Browns in the UK and the customs fee on that bag was only $109. And I didn't get the bill from DHL until about a month later...
  5. oh no that toatally sucks!!! :throwup:

    I didn't know there was customs tax. Will I get a bill from them to pay custom tax too?:wtf:
  6. i think if your mom's shipping it, then you might not get taxed on it.
  7. Say it was a gift? How can they charge for a birthday gift?
  8. OMG! i had the same experience to with my lv alma, they asked me to pay 400$, but that's because the sender put 600$ on the item value. so, although it's marked as gift, they only care about the value u put on the form.
    i was also so mad, i asked it to be shipped back to my friend in US.
    girl, i know how u feel, but maybe you should ask if the sender put high value or not on the form, or put high insurance there maybe?
  9. yea, you must make sure it's marked gift with a low value like $50. it's a risk you take getting things from overseas. you risk it getting lost and the value is too low to get your money back or you risk customs. :oh:
  10. Yes you just need to declare it at a lower value as you would still be charged tax even if it is marked as a gift unfortunately. I'm very pissed too because I have a bag held in customs because of charges as well eventhough I asked the sender to declare it at $50, which they obviously didn't! Argh!
  11. percephonie, that's also what happen to me. i was sooo mad with the seller. luckily i have friend in states who travel back here twice a year...
  12. yes, i learned the hard way too. :Push:

    in order for the "gift" thing to work, the sender has to devalue the item. if not, they are still going to charge duty. most stores/ boutiques are not willing to devalue it because then the item will be insured for less than it's actually worth. a bag i bought was stuck in customs... i guess, they were suspicious because the bag was marked gift, but the value was over $1000+.
  13. I understand very well how you feel .... i had my calcaire customs hostage for a month and i paid 120$ for it..
  14. I had friends sending me parcel from oversea marked as gift, and they still tax me. And the tax was like 50% of what was the declared value. Since at that time my friend sent me 4 parcels in a month, so I was thinking maybe they will start to tax you after they find out you are always receiving from oversea?
  15. that's so awful!
    buying overseas makes me so nervous for that reason. i'm really lucky that i got my pewter city without any customs or taxes etc.