My Magenta Work!!

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  1. Hi ladies! I waited all day and of course wouldn't ya know it, I was the last delivery, 7pm. Wait no more!! :yahoo: It's here.

    Thank you so much ladies for the heads up. I feel so lucky to get one of the last new magenta's out there.:yes: It's official, my first Bbag.
    I couldn't have picked a better color for my first one, not only did I go for it, I went ALL they way...I'm hooked, I just love it:love:

    Here's the pretty pics... I stuffed it a bit, had some creases from shipping. First one, natural light. Second, flash. Pics don't do her justice.
    **ooops need to resize pics. Working on it now.
  2. ***waits for pics*** 0o0o this is very exciting...
  3. congrats!! :yahoo: this is so exciting!!!

  4. ohhh~~~~!!!! congrats!!!! i love magenta!!!!!!!can't wait to see the pics!!!
  5. Ok here's the pic with the natural light which shows best.
    Thanks ladies. Got a little frustrated trying to do this grrrr....
    Better now:flowers:
  6. bella, congrats on your magenta work! :yahoo: so happy for you. enjoy!
  7. Congrats! It is gorgeous... the leather.. :love:

  8. Oh. it's so pretty! I was hoping my magenta first would come today since everybody who ordered seems to be receiving theirs, but no such luck. Will you load her up and take her out for a spin this weekend? I'm sure you will receive many compliments!
  9. OHHHHH~~~gorgeous gorgeous bag!!!congratuations!! now i wanna a magenta city/twiggy so bad!!!!!!
  10. pretty! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :love::love::love: Magenta is an awesome colour! Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats.
  13. Congrats. Marvelous! I'm so jealous! :+)
  14. congrats loove the color :smile:
  15. It's beautiful Bella!! I love that magenta!! :love: :heart:
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