my magenta work & seafoam classique

  1. i confess... i've been very very bad and bought 2 bbags within the past month... and now i'm wanting MORE!!! :Push:

    IMG_0024.jpg IMG_0020.jpg
  2. hmm... i might be willing to trade the seafoam for a nice apple-green city... ;)
  3. Beautiful bags! Congrats!
  4. OMG my dream bag!! A seafoam classique :love: Where did you find it??
  5. Gorgeous colors! :love: That seafoam is just stunning. If you're considering an off PF (no sales or trades through the forum :biggrin: ) trade for an apple city, I would PM sweetsparkle for her information. She was looking to trade her apple city for a seafoam city, but she might be interested in the classique :amuse:
  6. Beautiful! I love the seafoam color so much! :smile: There is currently a magenta Work on eBay that I'm eyeing. :amuse:
  7. Congrats! They're both so gorgeous!!!
  8. BEAUTIFUL colours!!!

  9. ooh so pretty!
  10. Where did you find the gorgeous seafoam...?? :amazed:

    If you ever put that bag on eBay, I'd be joining in on the bidding frenzy!
  11. gorgeous bags!!!!! I love your magenta work!!!:heart: :shame: :yes:
  12. I love your collection:smile:
  13. Wow, those are two VERY desirable bags! You better keep them both under lock and key!! Congrats!!!
  14. Just GORGEOUS !! Especially the seafoam classique ... I love it :love: ! Enjoy both of them :heart:
  15. Someone wake me up! I must be dreaming :lol:, they're beautiful!