My magenta work and boredeaux work bags...

  1. finally I have time to take some pics of my two favorite B-bags,,,, bordeaux work and magenta work...:heart::heart::heart::heart: Love how the leather is so squishy and soft while still distressy feeling.. Hope the new fall collection leather will not disappoint me...
    bordeaux1.JPG bordeaux2.JPG bordeaux3.JPG bordeaux4.JPG magenta1.JPG magenta2.JPG magenta3.JPG
  2. OMFG, Chloe-girl, those 2 bags are absolutely AMAZING (drool) :P
  3. The bordeaux is TDF!
  4. Chloe, I love your bags! I always knew the Magenta was a knock-out colour but now I'm falling in love over the bordeaux in a big way!
  5. very pretty!!!
  6. You know what?Actually I love bordeaux more than magenta cuz it is not that flashy as magenta yet outstanding...Magenta is very sharp and fun color...
  7. Ooh, gorgeous. The work looks beautiful in the bordeaux color!
  8. geez, you're making me want a big magenta, i'm so sick :shocked:
  9. Congrats! They are both beautiful! :love:
  10. OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! That Bordeaux is TDF!! Really, really gorgeous. Lucky you!
  11. Chloe - Seeing your Bordeaux is making me lean towards the Grenat City .... hoping that it will be similarly stunning!! Do you have any thoughts on the Grenat color?
  12. I think you should redirect the question to other members that have seen the grenat in person. I haven't seen it in person yet,but I heard it has more red in it,not like bordeaux has more burgendy tone in it. I am thinking to get a rouge work bag. Just have to wait till see in person.:flowers:
  13. I saw on the Today Show this morning that red is going to be the hot color for handbags this fall ... so it should be a good choice! :smile:
  14. i envy all of you who can carry a work sized without looking completely dwarfed!
  15. I agree that the Magenta is a really fun colour, so vibrant and eye-popping:smile:) And I know what you mean about the bordeaux. She's a very classy in an understated fashion. I'm now looking forward to the new grenat and hoping, HOPING, it would be darn well similar to the bordeaux!!! Thanks Chloe:heart: for your fantastic pics!