My magenta order from Koh Samui

  1. So my bag I ordered on sale from Koh Samui came today. That was super fast shipping.

    Sad thing is they sent me the wrong bag!!!!!!! :hysteric:
    I was suppose to get the magenta Day and I got a magenta First :sad: :rant:

    I'm so sad:sad: . I have to wait till tomorrow to contact them. I hope the day bag is still there. oh please please please.

    If it is not, do you guys think I should keep the first?

    I just won't be able to use it everyday. It is way too small for me. I like to be able to carry everything w/me for my everyday bag. I will only be able to use it for going out and I do not go out enough to think it was worth the money. What should I do??

    I'm soooo sad and I was so excited that I was going to get it before my trip to Vegas too. :hysteric: I mean the First will be perfect for going out in Vegas but still. poo!!!!!!! :censor:

    Thanks all for letting me vent:flowers:
  2. OH- I'm so sorry that happened! I hope they didn't mix up the orders!
  3. That is what i'm wondering. I wonder if Kaka got my bag and I got hers.
  4. Is Koh Samui a store?
  5. I'm sorry to hear about the switcheroo....I think you should DEFINITELY call them and get it cleared up. You shouldn't have to settle. Let us know what happens!
  6. Oh that's so annoying! I heard they were out of bbags though....You should definitely check someone else didn't get yours by mistake! Hope it gets sorted out!
  7. I'm sorry they screwed up your order. I know it's very disappointing. I, personally, would keep the First just because I LOVE that color so much. However, if it really isn't big enough for you maybe you should consider returning it. It's a lot of money to spend on a bag. Let us know what happens. Good luck getting your magenta Day!
  8. Thanks all. I'm really hoping that there was a switch and whoever got mine is just as upset and wants their First.

    If they end up not being able to locate my Day, then I think I will keep the First and test drive it. If I still do not like it, then I will sell it.
  9. Sorry to hear. I hope they have your day.
  10. I'm so sorry for you !
    I think they were "over busy" by the sales (they weren't able to answer the phone)
    I hope they will locate your Day !!!
  11. oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear this, hc! :crybaby: That's so frustrating!!!:hysteric:

    good luck with the store and I really hope they fix their error and locate a new magenta day for you!!
  12. Oh what a bummer! I really really hope it works out and you get your dream bag!
  13. Oh, no! Hc, I'm sooo sorry! I hope they find a Day bag for you(or at least find out who they accidentally shipped your bag to). If they can't track it down, I'd definitely keep the First. It's such a beautiful color. :love:
  14. I agree! More than likely there is someone out there who has received your day! I hope they can locate your day so you can get your dream bag - because you deserve your dream!
  15. hc, i'm sorry about your disappointment. i would give the classique a chance. did you get it during the sale at koh? if so, you got it for a great price. true... it doesn't fit as much as the day, but the classique is well classic!:love:

    mims, i just noticed you're a mod!!! :party: yay! i have friends in high places!