my magenta first is here! but...

  1. so i got the dreaded "you werent here to sign for your package" note on the door after work. so i called and asked to pick it up today instead...and they said OK!!!

    then they doomed me by sending me alllllllllllllllllllllll the way to clairemont mesa (20-30min away) between 8-8:30 tonight! :censor: grrrr the things i will do to not wait til monday!

    but im VERY excited for 8pm to roll around..only 2 more hours til i have her in my arms! yaaaaaay!! :amuse:
  2. yayy rosetints!!!! :yahoo: you have to go get her tonight - just thinking of not having her over the weekend is so sad:cry: !!!

    can't wait to see pictures!!!
  3. Make sure you post pics later!!!
  4. oh i will first thing in the morning! i am SOOOO excited :biggrin: :smile: :graucho:
  5. 0o0o0o SO lucky!!! you've got an awesome b-bag colour! cant wait to see pics of your new b-bag! woo hoo!
  6. ohhh, im so happy for ya!!! can't wait to see the pics, i LOVE magenta!!!!!
  7. cant wait to see your pictures!