My Magenta dreams came true!!! Here she is!

  1. This HG has been eluding me for a while, but thanks to the help of some wonderful tpfers, I found her! SHe is silky smooth, but has lots of depth. She is amazing! I can't wait to break her in. SHe is hanging in the closet on a hanger full of heavy books (I learned this tip from Powderpuff) This bag totally took my breath away! SHe is the perfect girly sister for my violet! This is the LE magenta, by the way!

  2. It's GORGEOUS!! Congrats Shasta! It looks so pretty next to your perfect violet.:love:
  3. OMG CONGRATS!! She looks incredible! The violet and the magenta look so amazing together!
  4. Both are very beautiful! Congratulations :yahoo:
  5. OHMY! what a wonderful couple, they are both gorgeous!!!!
  6. Congratulations! We need some pics of you with it. You always look so stylish with your bags. By the way, did you keep your apple green bag?
  7. congrats~ leather and color :tup:~~~~
  8. cOngrats Shasta!!!
  9. What a gorgeous pair of sisters! Congratulation!
  10. I did not keep the AG city. The color was amazing, just not on me. You have a great memory!
  11. Wow, it's so pretty!!

    Can you let me in on the book/hanger trick? :confused1:
  12. congrats!!! the color is so rich :love:
  13. Super purty! Magenta has always been one of my favorite colors.
  14. When I get a new bag that is not broken in and smooshy, I fill it full of heavy books and magazines and hang it in my closet on a REALLY sturdy hanger. THis helps to relax the leather. In a day or two, I will check on it and flip it over, if that makes sense and hang it back up for a few more days. It works brilliantly.
  15. Fabulous Shasta! I just love your taste. :tup: