My Magenta Dilemma

  1. I purchased my HG over 2 weeks ago but had asked the seller to ship it when I'm back in town (as I went on a 2 week holiday), I've been so excited and patiently waiting the arrival of my 05 Magenta City, but now that I have received it, I'm not so sure I want to keep it?!?!:confused1: Don't get me wrong, the color is FABULOUS, I'm just not so sure it's me!!!:shrugs:..maybe it's the lighting here in the office? and it's raining outside and so gloomy that I can't see it in natural light! I will take photo of it maybe tomorrow...what do you ladies think:confused1:

  2. I'm so sorry you're disappointed!! I hope that it is just your office lighting - or maybe once you have a chance to pose with the bag in front of a mirror at home you'll be more confident that the color really does look great on you!! I can't wait to see your pics!!
  3. yes, i think once the weather clears up and you wear it in front of the mirror you will lovelovelove it..i'm so jealous ahaha
  4. I think you're going to need some time to let the color and bag settle in..(do I make any sense?):upsidedown:

    The first time I got my Magenta '05, I thought it reminded me of Barney and wouldn't match with my clothes as much as my other bag. So I kept it in the closet for a few days then that's when I used it. Now, I use my Magenta much more often than my other bags. I feel it brings that extra POP to any outfit:tup:
  5. I feel that magenta looks really good on some people and on other people, it's just "too much". I say wait for a sunny day before modelling it and try it on with the clothes you generally tend to wear before deciding if you want to keep it. The problem with Bal bags is that they're manufactured in such small quantities and only a few merchants sell them other than Balenciaga itself that many people buy the bags sight unseen. I was going to get a Vert d'eau work but chickened out at the last moment because I was worried that the colour might wash me out. Sure, it's a gorgeous colour on screen and on peppers but it might not be the same for me. So I got white instead. How different can Bal white be from normal white, you know? But in the long run, Bal makes too many pretty colours that it's not wise to hold onto something that you love to look at but is not really "you". Know what I mean? Give it some time and try it out but if you really can't see yourself with it, I would say sell it and perhaps use the funds towards a new SS 08 or FW 08 bag? :graucho:
  6. I think this often happens with HG's... they get built up so much that it's virtually impossible to met the sky high expectations

    I say give it a chance :tup:
  7. yah give it a chance! it's a really bright, vibrant color in real life and that is usually harder to photograph accurately. keep it for a while, look at it and model it and if it's not you, i say let it go and find something you love! :smile:
  8. ^^^ ITA with Pluiee! give it some time and in the end if its really not you, let it go... its hard i know...
  9. I agree~ Wait for a decent/sunny day and give it some time to sink in...try it on with the clothes you already own (you don't want to have to buy all new stuff for one bag-even tho it would be fun!!;)) and see what you think. Ask for some opinions of your friends, too.... It is a beautiful bag, but you don't want it just hanging in your closet if you are not going to use it~~~
  10. I agree with the rest, give it a chance. The 05 Magenta is just gorgeous and the leather is alot better than the 08s too. Hopefully you will fall in love with it the next few days!
  11. I am not fan of Magenta 05. I find that the POP of colour is too much for me, too NEON-like if it makes sense. Don't get me wrong, I love neon shades like green & orange but probably not in a bag & not magenta(though I love fuchsia & pink but just not so much on purples especially if it is as Icy as Magenta 05). I happen to walk into a reseller shop here & they had the Day Magenta 05 & really is a POP of colour. I even carried it & look in the mirror & still, I don't like it on me. I am probably a monority since most girls really love the Magenta 05. But that's me. You could sit on the bag a few days & it might just make you fall head over heels in love with it.
  12. i have an 05 magenta too... i bought it new from Bal.... the day i bought it, it was the only one left.. there was a German lady in the store shopping for gray and black bags.. she looked at the magenta and said, "its so ugly, its almost pretty" that was enough for me.. i bought it..

    its one of those colors that makes my baby nieces sqeal with delite.. and causes strangers on the street to smile. its a happy bag!!! i dont mind that it does not match me or my clothes. it brightens my mood!
  13. Chinkee21, i know how you feel.
    The gloomy weather and dark skies can really play tricks with the colors
    of your bags and also your spirit and mind.

    Just wait til the Spring comes, you will love your magenta.
    I would keep it.
  14. Keep it!!! i have just bought one too and it arrived yesterday, i love mine!
    i'm going to wait till the summer and out she'll come!
  15. I agree... give it a shot!

    I recently bought a bag that I'd been drooling over for a long time (not bal) and when it came, I totally thought it wasn't me at all. I was all ready to sell it, until some other tPF-ers told me to give it a shot... i've been using it every day since, and I *love* it!

    You just need time to "get to know" your bag. If you decide after a bit that you really don't want it, THEN get rid of it. But don't give up your HG without giving it a chance!