My Magenta '05 has arrived... she's a BEAUTY!!

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  1. :yahoo:YEA!!! I found a color and a style I've been yearning for in one lovely package... a Magenta Purse! I had to "pay dearly" for this one... but she's worth it! :yes:

    THANKS to firstclass (the :queen:of the 05 purse!)for her help and advice in acquiring her!!:heart:



    (now the search for turquoise, bubble gum pink and apple green!):graucho:
  2. congrats!!! :tup: she's a beauty!! :heart:
  3. WOW, she's just beautiful!!:love: Congrats,JBug59!!:yahoo:
  4. I really love magenta :love: - congrats on such a beauty! Would you say the purse style fits about the same amount as a city? or is it a little smaller?
  5. Oh. My. God. There are no words!!!!!! Now THAT is a truly rare bag. One of my fave colors and my all-time fave style! I know you paid a pretty penny, but girl, it was WORTH IT!!!!
  6. Wow Wow Wow - that is a really lovely one - I love the style and colour.

    You truly are a lucky girl. Congratulations.
  7. Love Magenta and love the bag. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. wow that is such an amazing find!!! congrats she's a beauty :love: it makes me itchy to get my city ... well i guess i can drool over your magenta for now hehe :smile:
  9. That's such a great bag! Congrats! I can't wait till my LE Magenta w/GGH arrives!!
  10. emyrow99: Thank you:heart:

    marieG: Thanks... you have SUCH a gorgeous collections of
    purse colors... I'm always in "awe"!

    simina7: hmmm.. I don't have a city to compare.... but it's my
    understanding that the purse fits at least as much
    as the city... the inside and outside pockets are bigger
    and my FAVORITE attribute.. is that you can wear it on
    yor shoulder comfortable!! Hope that helps!!

    KristyDarling: YES... I'M SOO thrilled that I could get it... thanks
    for your sweet words!!

    Ali-bagpuss: WOW for sure... thank you!!

    lizziecat: thanks so much!!

    Marie83: I thought this would "re-ignite" the desire for those of you waiting for the Magenta LE... makes me wish........Ha!!

    sammydoll: OOOHHH I can't wait to see what the Magenta with
    GGH looks like!!!:drool:
  11. oh my!congrats! she's a beauty!!
  12. congrats!! :biggrin:
  13. YEEAAHHH you got it :yahoo:!!! WOW - she's just BREATHTAKING :drool::nuts: I'm so happy for you 'J' JBug59 :heart: !
    CONGRATS sweety - you absolutely deserve it :tup:

  14. Congrats J bug. Magenta is gorgeous!! :yahoo:
  15. :drool:Wow!! The colour and leather are absolutely drool-worthy!!! Congrats!!