My LVs !!

  1. Hello everyone !!
    Want to share some of my old these bags alot !!:shame::heart:
  2. Cute, thanks for sharing! :amuse: :flowers:
  3. :supacool:Yeah very cute! You got some nice bags outthere!! The pink one was one of my favorite... it must be very special since now it is almost impossible to get a new one. you are soo lucky:woohoo:
  4. What is that first one?! I love it!
  5. Thanks for your comment !!;)
    The first bag is Mini Lin Trapeze GM grey - from 2005 Cruise collection !!!:heart:
  6. Wow! Thanks for the pics, both bags look great on you!
  7. Nice bags, and you wear them very well!
  8. Very nice bags.
  9. Wow i didnt know the trapeze was so pretty!! I adore your pap, can you fit it over your shoulder? x
  10. Lovely!
  11. very nice! i love the trapeze, i remember when they first came out i wanted one.
  12. Very cute bags.

    Both of them look great on ya.

    I love, love, love the CB Pap .... it is so adorable. :tender:

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. ooh i love the 1st one. thanks for sharing
  14. I love the Mini Lin Trapeze. It's one of my favorite bags!!
  15. Very them both