My Lv's!

  1. Thought I would try and post a pic of my tiny LV collection, excuse the poor photography skills.:biggrin:
    As you can see I am rather fond of the new "Framboise" colour.:amuse:
  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! You have a bit of everything!!!
  3. Oh wow, that MC agenda is TDF!!! I adore your entire collection, but my favorites have to be the agenda and the cerises speedy!
  4. Beautiful... thanks for sharing
  5. I so love your mandara gm.
  6. Beautiful! Enjoy! I love the Framboise Vernis Koala & agenda, stunning!! :love:
  7. I love EVERYTHING you own! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Your collection is so beautiful!:love: I love them all!:biggrin:
  9. Love the perfo musette!
  10. beautiful collection.
  11. :huh:h the minna! i love that bag its so cute!!
  12. Cute framboise family! :biggrin: Pretty collection!
  13. Gorgeous, I especially love the large agenda !
  14. Thank you everyone for all your kind comments!:biggrin:
  15. You have a nice and well rounded collection! I :love: the perforated musette!:biggrin:
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