MY LV's were stolen :(

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  1. I really do not understand how or why people take advantage of others. I dropped off two bags on two different days to a fed ex shipping store. The first bag was a return I was making to Fashionphile because the bag I ordered was just too heavy. The other bag I dropped off was a bag that I no longer used much and had sold to them. Well I thought it was odd FP never reimbursed me for the return bag after they received it. I emailed them today and I got a call; I was informed that not only did they receive the return box empty but they also received the second box a couple days later empty as well. The woman at FP told me that the label had been cut off of the original box, she could tell because the label had the cardboard of the original box on it still and then the label was tapped onto a new box, a box I did not use because my box had specific marking on it and the box that FP received was brand new (most likely from the shipping store I would imagine).

    Oh I looked on their Yelp paged and lo and behold there was a recent review and the person says that their item was stolen out of their box too. I have no idea what the recourse will be. FP did have insurance on it so I guess I will have to file a claim with fed ex. I honestly feel sorry for the person who did this, they must live an ugly life to have to do this to people and I hope if they do get caught they get help for whatever it is they need help with.
  2. That is terrible. I'm so sorry that happened to you. What a pain to deal with their insurance.
    What about the other bag? Was it insured?
    That's what scares me about sending L.V. through the mail.
  3. So sorry this happened to you. When you dropped off the boxes, did the clerk give you a receipt? They usually weigh the boxes and give you one. At least you have proof that you dropped them off and that it had something in them.

    I hope everything works out. So sorry.
  4. so sorry to hear this happened to you, and not once but twice! i worry every time i ship lv through any carrier. i always wonder which carrier is the safest to use. i hope this gets handled without a huge hassle for you .please keep us posted, and if anyone has any suggestions as to how to safeguard against this please post that as well. i have considered marking the clear tape with magic marker on the outside of the box and photographing it but not sure that would even help. best of luck : /
  5. Yes they were both insured up to 3,000 dollars. I just wonder if fed ex will back out of paying especially if it is proven (which I think it will be) that the bag was taken at the store. At that point it was in Fed Ex's hands so I would think they would be responsible. I could go after the store in a civil suit if need be and I wouldnt have to pay an attorney to do it but I am just hoping that the insurance kicks in. Also there is the restitution route if criminal charges do infact go through, If not I am out about 2 grand.
  6. Thanks. Yes I did get one and there is no weight on the receipt.
  7. another thing i always wonder is whether there is a difference between a company owned fedex or ups store vs. the franchised out ups stores. also i would think previous poster is correct in that the weight on the receipt should help. i worry when i ship a very light weight slg or bag that it won't register enough to prove the box wasn't empty. at least your bag was heavy. best of luck.
  8. Thanks. I had an off feeling about the person I dropped my box off with that worked there, I should have trusted it. Lesson learned, Oprah is right, trust your oh oh feeling,
  9. i have a small slg going back to fashionphile on a return and had toyed with just handing the box to the fedex guy who delivers here. guess that's not the best plan....
  10. This is soo upsetting. I feel terrible for you and hope you get reimbursed by the insurance quickly. Please keep us posted on how this unfolds.
  11. I am so sorry that happened to you! Hope it gets resolved asap!
  12. was it the same person both days?
  13. So sorry. That's awful!! Hope it works out for you.

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  14. Sorry to read this! That s scary.
  15. I always been leery of dropping boxes at shipping stores. When it is something important or expensive; I take it directly to the Fed Ex/UPS depot.

    Have you contacted the shipping store manager to see if they have cameras? Could very well be an inside job there... especially if it is an employee that likes handbags and/or knows who FP is.