MY LV's on Ebay--what am i doing wrong?

  1. I finally have put up 2 auhentic LV's on for the first time:

    Pochette Graffiti: 150 euro XXXXXXXXXXX

    Wallet Graffiti: 199 euro

    The starting price is quite low, Still after 2 days, no bids at all! :hysteric: Does anybody knows why or can somebody give me a few good ideas to increase bidding?

  2. I play this game sometimes. I see a auction which pleases me and I don't bid immediatly. I watch it with discretion until the bid is almost finished. Like that I win the item at a low price. Other people thinks of being alone...
    I don't know how to increase bidding.
    Sorry for my bad english :shame:
  3. Merci pour ta réponse, vous pouvez m'expliquer en francais aussi :p
    Que pensez vous du prix que j'ai choissi?
  4. ^^^ Please use English here so that we can all read your posts! Thanks!
  5. Catje; your prix seems decent, you may just have picked a bad time. Also, perhaps the demand for the graffiti isen't as high as it used to be.

    You can always try to lower your prices to see what happens though.
  6. "Thank you for your response, will you also explain to me in French please.
    What do you think of the price I chose?"
  7. ^^^ Thanks for the translation karman! :yes:
  8. You are welcome Addy...took me awhile to get my French going again whereas for some members it would've been effortless! :lol:
  9. Karman , I think the first line should rather be, "you may also explain to me in french".
  10. lol, to me both phrases mean pretty much the same thing.
  11. Sorry!

    It's just me studying law. >_< makes me kind of attentive to such things. Also, the "also" should be erased from my translation.
  12. I hate putting up auctions on eBay, so unless the thing I'm setting is super super hot (like a PS3 when it first came out or something), I usually use "buy-it-now" or "buy-it-now or best offer" I listed a bag at like 11pm last night, and got 7 offers and someone just bought it at the BIN price...crazy...I feel like maybe I should have set the price higher or something, lol.

    1. Use high quality pictures
    2. Set a reasonable price if you're doing buy-it-now
    3. If you're doing an auction, don't expect bids till the last couple of days. You should be getting watchers though (go to my eBay and see how many people are watching your item)
  13. I don't know which auction is yours, but I think if you have it authenticaticated by mypoupette or caroldiva, newbies unfamiliar with your rep as a seller would feel more comfortable bidding?

    And of heatstamp & date!
  14. awww... i wanted to flex my french muscle... darnit, karman, you beat me by a whole day! LOL
  15. I think sometimes it's just a matter of timing. You might find sometimes an auction ends after 10 days with zero bids but when you relist it again, it might be sold out within a day. Someone out there is looking for your item, but you just don't know when it hits.