My LVoes

  1. I've only started buying LV April of last year. My boyfriend thinks I have a problem. :sweatdrop: I just got the Mandarin! It's BEAUTIFUL. I never though I would like orange so much. :drool:


    red epi speedy 30, monogram deauville, ribera MM, mandarin epi speedy 30, monogram pochette. :love:

    Can you tell I love big bags!!? The pochette goes in my other bags as a makeup bag! :nuts:
  2. them all..
  3. Congrats!
  4. nice!
  5. :heart: 'm!;)
  6. so beautiful!
    good for you!
  7. Mandarin is gorgeous. Congratulations.
  8. gorgeous but when I read the title I tought u got a LVoe tote I was ....surprised ;)
  9. Wow! Great collection, I love the red Epi Speedy! : )
  10. ^ haha! I guess I should change the title!
  11. love them!!! congrats on the mandarin!!!
  12. :yes: Gorgeous collection! The mandarin is amazing. Welcome to a nice healthy Louis Vuitton obsession!:yahoo:
  13. love the mandarin speedy! great collection!
  14. your epis are lovely! very nice collection.
  15. Wonderful collection! Congrats!