My LV wish - thoughts, queries, comments?


I'm my bag's accessory
Jan 11, 2006
I mentioned earlier I was planning on saving for an LV this year, and was originally going to get a Manhattan GM, but after hearing some discouraging news about the impracticality of the buckle, I renewed my search. Any information about any of these bags would be most welcome. :smile:

The Ravello GM

The Onatah GM - I want mine in chocolate brown

The Hudson GM

The Broadway

The Trocadero 30

And finally, the Multipli-cite

:biggrin: Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help.
the ravello and hudson are my favorites on the i love the koala clasps.

i don't like the multiplicite at

the onatah is okay...not another of my favorites, but it's suede and you have to take extra care of it. not to mention it wouldn't be practical from may-september. but some people i guess do carry suede bags in the summer.

the broadway and trocadero are okay. the broadway seems to me more like a work bag than a shoulder bag...would be too bulky for an every day bag.
My vote is the Hudson- I love the look- it's probably more gorgeous in person then the picture from the website! I think you need to go to Louis Vuitton and decide in person.
I like the Hudson out of the ones you posted.

Also, if you liked the look of the Manhattan GM, then how about the PM? It's much easier to get into. Though you have to keep in mind that unless you are super skinny, you can't wear over your shoulder like the others you posted.
i love the shape of the Multipli-cite and thought i wanted one, but when i went to try it on found that it's SUPER bulky. it's really hard to wrap your arm around it when you have it on your shoulder. the straps are also not very comfortable.

of your choices, i like the: Hudson
I actually prefer the Trocadero because it's the most normal looking bag there. I don't really like the koala locks on bags though they look very nice on wallets.
I have the regular Hudson (not the Hudson GM) and it has one large buckle for opening, vs. the Manhattan GM, which has the buckle and then the zipper. I love the Hudson, even with the buckle it's easy to get in and out of. You get used to opening and closing it without looking. It's easy becaue the buckle is big. The drawback of this bag compared to the Manhattan bags is that the two outside pockets with the brass buckles are smaller and don't hold much. I have a compact in one side and car keys in the other. My cellphone won't fit into one of those pockets. I also have the Baggy PM and even though the pockets look to be the same size as the Hudson, they are really much higher capacity. I CAN fit my cellphone into one of those pockets and my digital camera in the other (good vacation bag).
Good luck with your decision.