My LV wish list grows each day...


Nov 21, 2005
I still have not ordered my first LV yet...But is this how it all starts?:lol:

Current LV wish list (because of this forum):

Popincourt Haut
Speedy 25
Mini Sac HL
Noe - Monogram Canvas (I'm obsessed with this one...don't know why. :amuse: )
Shirley - Monogram Multicolore (White)
Houston - Monogram Vernis (Noisette)
Alma - Damier Canvas
Noe - Epi Leather (Mandarin)
Coffret Tresor 20

:idea: Maybe I'll buy one LV per year.:biggrin:
I completely understand. My wishlist is forever growing. At the moment I want

- LV Vintage Speedy
- LV Pochette Accessories
- LV Mini Pochette
- LV Mini Sac HL
- LV Alma in Epi leather
- LV Anne-Sophie
-LV Papillon

I also have a wishlist of other bags too

- Dior Saddlebag or a Diorissmo pochette
- Prada Quilted Roll Bag
- Burberry Tote
- Hermes Mini Kelly Bag
Oh yes, I have one of those too:

- Keepall 55 with shoulder strap :love:
- Epi Speedy 25 in red or black
- Noe, mini or big, MC or CM
- Batignolles Vertical
- MC Lodge GM

Then of course:
- MC agenda
- Epi PTI wallet
- Zipped travel document pouch
- Pochettes in MC, CM and Damier.. Throw in an Epi too..

There's lots more!! Damn, a girl can dream, right? :P
Mine is growing because of purseblog everyday:
pa with holes and orange interior
keepbal 55 with strap
epi 30 in red
damier papillion or petit bucket
chanel cambon bowling in black
hermes birkin (one day)
Mine seems to grow every day too:nuts:

I am waiting for my framboise FP to arrive instore (it seems to be taking FOREVER)
Saw the MC petit noe in white today and LOVED it:love:
Placed my name on the reservation list for the perforated speedy with pink underlay.
Thats all for the time being.
Being that I returned the Speedy 30 (only to regret it in two days so I might just get it again):

Monogram Speedy 30/35
Monogram Papillon 30
Epi Soufflot in red
Vernis Houston in framboise
and there's this Vernis Damier bag and wallet that I saw on LJ that I am absolutely in love with!!!
yeah my list is growing everyday too... but at the moment the LV list stands like this:

LV Pochette - monogram or epi
LV Papillon - monogram or daimers 26 or 30
LV Manhattan GM
LV Mat Black Stockton
LV Vernis Wallet
LV Shirley - multicolour black
LV extra key chain for pochette