MY LV Wish List for 2007 - take a look!

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  1. Ladies, let me know what you think of each. I've heard some negative things about the straps on certain bags - please tell me some negatives I might consider with each bag. Thanks!!!! (In no particular order :graucho:)
    [​IMG]continued....on next
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    **#1, #3 and #4 are MY TOP PICS.
  3. I really like the gold hardware on the front of the Manhattan...I don't have one, but I know that it is a really popular bag on the forum!!

    Good luck--they are all gorgeous!!
  4. among all these, i like the manhattan pm best. they're all yummy though. :supacool:

    concerns: the lockit is on the wide side and the vachetta bottom is kinda scary... the coussin is actually cute but sorta reminds me of a throw pillow in that pic. :smile:
  5. oh, next choice would be the BH, it is a lovely functional bag with not too much vachetta.
  6. only monogram canvas??? i was expecting some spring stuff! oh well, great pics anyways!
  7. I like the manhattan PM the best.
  8. I love the's the most functional and is a great shoulder bag!
  9. LOL!! Easy girl I'm new to the LV of these will be my first!..I'll get there LOL
  10. thank you!
  11. I want the BH and the LH
  12. i love the manhattan :smile: very pretty.. :smile:
  13. I agree, lots of mono...might want to mix it up a bit ;)
  14. I like BH the best, love mine very practical shoulder bag, although I wouldn't mind getting a LH. Manhattan is very nice too though.
  15. Love most of these, though I've never been a big fan of the Manhattan... kinda heavy/bulky for my taste.