My LV wallet is ruined :( Is there anything I can do?

  1. About 2 weeks ago my Damier Papillon 26 and Monogram Porte Valeurs Organizer were stolen out of my car. The idiot robbers stole all of my cash but thankfully they just threw my purse and wallet into someone's bushes. I have my purse and wallet back but the wallet inside is RUINED; I think it got wet or something because it's all poofy and wrinkly and looks terrible. Also, it doesn't lie flat anymore :sad: Strangely, the purse is fine; only the wallet is damaged. I bought both items off eLuxury in May 2006.

    Do you think the LV store can do anything for me? Or is this hopeless? Is there any kind of warranty available for water damage?

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. So sorry for you. Thankfully the robbers were idiots and only lifted your money. I had someone steal about 100 USD from my LV purse which was inside a Gucci bag. Had left the bag for awhile unattended. My comment at that time was also that the person must be an idiot since they didi not realise the value of the purse and bag!

    There's no warranty for water damage. But LV are always very helpful and if there's anything that can be done they'll help you out.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  3. You need to check with your auto insurance. I had an item stolen from my car and Allstate covered and I did not have a deductible because my policy had a zero deduct if theft. I did have my car locked, was your car locked? I ask, for this might make a difference with the insurance company. Good luck!
  4. so sorry...
  5. sorry that happened to you.....similar situation with me about 10 years ago, except it was my fendi set...I would go to your nearest LV and they could advise you. Good Luck !
  6. I know the horrid feeling of being robbed. So Sorry it happened to you. You can try to get the inside of the wallet replaced it LV can do the job. They should be able to give you an estimate or let you know if it's not going to be able to be saved. Good luck.
  7. i'm sorry this happened! :sad:

    i'd take the wallet to the store & see if they can do anything abt it.

    i'm glad the robbers didn't know their brands.
  8. Makes me wonder why anyone would leave their bag in the car.. locked or not.

    I'd call your insurance but depending on your deductible it might not be worth your insurance going up for a wallet.

    good luck!
  9. OMG :shocked: I'm sorry you happened such that horibble thing... I think LV will be able to help you, just contact them, good luck :flowers:
  10. I'm so sorry..... but plz don't leave anything in the car.
    how was your car?? get any damages? lock or glass was OK??
    Please contact your insurance company asap!!
    luckly, they didn't steal your car and attack to YOU!!

    I believe your car or your LVs protected you.

    good luck:smile:
  11. Let us know what you do!
  12. Definitely check w/ your auto insurance.
  13. I am so sorry :crybaby:
  14. I would check in with LV maybe it can be "repaired"
  15. I amost sorry this happened to you.
    I had my bag stolen in NYC several years ago. They took the whole thing then apparently dumped it in a mailbox. The PO sent it back to me but when it arrived I felt weird using it...and so violated. I totally understand. I hope they can fix your wallet.