My LV visit and last (maybe second-last) purchase before Hong Kong!!

  1. Hello all!

    So I've been mentioning that I was going to visit LV today. Despite the horrible rain, I drove downtown after classes to pick my new baby up!

    I am so happy with this SA that I'm sticking with, I was going to pick my bag up and leave but I ended up staying to chat and looking at random things.

    I also showed her Karen's Miroir Lockit picture (Karen ok'ed it during the weekend) and she was so shocked! She made sure that I wanted the silver one but did not start a waiting list for me (although I trust that she will start one and put me as one of the first once they receive information about it)

    I saw and tried on the Beverly GM... it is HUGE :wtf: IMO it's a very hard bag to carry on the shoulder unless you have a very wide frame. The second strap kept falling down and it was MUCH too bulky under the arm. They didn't have the MM in but I hope the smaller size and the single strap will be better!

    Saw the Hampstead, not a fan of it. It's cute but not my style.
    Saw the pomme inclusion IRL for the first time, neither my SA nor I are fans of it. We prefer a darker red.
    The Montaigne Bowling PM is HUGE...I seriously thought it was the GM.
    Saw the cup bags, SA asked if I liked them, I said they're more masculine so no.

    Soooo without further is my new baby...with strip tease. If you don't like these, check back in 10-15 minutes! I will finish resizing and watermarking my other pics and post what I got today :yes:

    No, it's not Aurelia MM, no it's not Eliza, and no it's not pomme anything. Keep in mind this is the *only* LV bag I'm taking with me to Hong Kong!


    :yahoo: I love carrying that big brown paper bag around! Now I understand fully why so many of us here love shopping at the boutique (the experience IS great!)
    newpurch1.jpg newpurch2.jpg newpurch3.jpg newpurch4.jpg
  2. Curious here :girlsigh: BTW, congrats on ur new purchase :smile:
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see what you got!
  4. Ta daaaa!! Nothing big, but here's my ILLOVO PM!!

    Poor baby, seems like she's been sitting in the stock room forever, now she has found a new loving home!

  5. congrats!
  6. And some modeling pics...

    illovova1.jpg illovova2.jpg illovova3.jpg illovova4.jpg
  7. Congrats- she's adorable!
  8. congrats! looks great on you.
  9. looks good on you!! congrats and you two lovelies have fun in hongkong! :smile:
  10. congrats!! you looks beautiful with your new purchase ;)
  11. And some capacity pics...nothing amazing, good size for me but probably too small for most people:

    If I have my bulky sunglasses case in there, it can fit that plus cell, hand lotion, card holder, key holder, mirror, lip balm and lip gloss plus a little more room on the size for a thin checkbook or something.

    If I don't put my bulky sunglasses case in there, then I can replace it with my portefeuille accordeon and small pouch for pill case, tide pen, eye drops, and swiss army knife. There is still room left on the sides for a thin digital camera fits (but obviously it was being used to take this pic!)
    illovocap1.jpg illovocap2.jpg illovocap3.jpg illovocap4.jpg
  12. cute congrats!!!
  13. awww, congrats Karman! it looks suuper on you! I'm glad you bought it! are you gonna post "what fits inside" reference pics? I'd love to know!!! --> err nevermind...two posts late..hehe
  14. Karman~ you look so cute with your Illovo! Can't wait to see what else you got!:nuts: I really should watermark my pics too, but then I'd probably never get them posted!
  15. congrats. :smile: