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Aug 20, 2006
Just got back from Vegas - WOW - I saw more LV (real and Fake) in a few days than I have ever seen in my life. Vegaqs seems to be the land of Coach - but tons of LV too.
SO MANY people were carrying LV - mostly the classic monogram line.
Saw 2 white MCs
1 Black MC
1 Damier
1 Leopard Stephen (on a woman wearing sweats and stained shirt - weird)

I didn't see a single vernis (except in the mirror ;) )

I brought my Lovely Murray backpack - LOVED having a backpack while doing the tourist thing - soo handy.

Went to 2 LV stores - the Ceasars Palace one was nice and big - had a silver mirroir pochette - I was very surpised. SAs were nice.

Also to the fashion show mall - Dude that worked there was stuck up. I smiled when we walked in and he just looked at me like 'eww - who are you?' Then when he saw me from the back (so he saw my LV) he smiled and said 'Nice bag' - what ever buddy. I said to him "Do you work on comission? Big mistake - Big, huge!" :roflmfao: just kidding (pretty woman line for those who don't know) and I had no intention of dropping any $$ at LV.

Even got complimented at the Fendi store where the girl asked me 'what style is that again'? perhaps testing my knowledge?

:shame: Embarrasing moment at a casino - got a little too drunk and saw a girl with a black MC so I went up to her and said "I love your Louis Vuitton bag" - WTF?? why did I say 'Louis Vuitton' - such a dork!

Here are some pics:

Window at Ceasar's Palace:

Doors at same place



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My Murray and Me

Murray and I did everything together

After a few drinks I was a poser :supacool:



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