my LV turning point...

  1. Before I begin, just wanna say 'hi' to all ya ladies out there! I'm new to this forum, but for the past week or so I've been addict!! I stay up til midnite reading all your postings and get up early in the morning to continue reading! :p

    Anywayz, just wanna share my recent LV turning point with ya'll (gotta tell it to someone...since DH doesn't seem to understand...)

    Before last week I used to own only 2 LV pieces (the pouchette twin and trotteur), I later sold the trotteur cuz it's just not my style...but the twin I kept and only take out only on special occasaions like weddings etc...

    Well, came to be that a coworker recently found out I'm a Bag Lady, so solicited my advice in purchasing some gifts for his wife...I introduced him to eluxury then later took him to the LV boutique and to my surprised, he picked up 3 LV bags for his wife within the half hour that we were there!! I was amazed and touched by his action towards his after that I came home and thought, heck, why can't I treat myself like that?

    So after some *serious* research and reading all your comments on this forum, on Fri and Sat I made two trips to the LV boutique and here's what I got for myself:

    1) Black MC shirley
    2) mono BH
    3) Black MC pouchette MM
    4) mono wapity
    6) damier kaola agenda
    7) marelle pouchette

    I am sooooo stoked!! :yahoo: I quickly made room for them in the closet and hid them from DH :nuts:

    Anyhow, I do have a question for you ladies...when I got home I inspected each piece more carefully, and realized the shirley had already started to patina, and had a really visible uneven tan on the I took it back to the boutique to exchange for a different one...the SAs there were nice to me about it, however, they afterwards said that they would have to keep the original receipt...but since I have other purchases on there, they made a copy for me...

    so my quesion is, now that I don't have the original receipt, if I do decide to sell any of them later on, what would happen? what would I tell the potential buyer? Will the potential buyer believe me that my pieces are authentic and straight out of the LV boutique?

    Anyone else had a similar experience when they did a return? Just curious why the boutique would wanna keep my original receipt....
  2. i did something like that recently where my brentwood came in a weird bent shape (DH didn't check before bringing it home as a bday gift for me) and i returned it for a better one. the receipt they gave me noted that i was returning the original brentwood and had the new brentwood on there as well so it would "offset" each other. you may want to call and talk to the mgr there if you are uncomfy w/ your copy of the sales receipt and they should have your info in the system as well.

    good luck and welcome to tPF! :smile:
  3. Welcome to tPF and congrats! I've done the same thing recently, returned an item for the same item and the cashier did not take my original receipt, he MADE a copy for himself and I kept mine.
  4. I actually returned my first baggypm for a new one bcoz the one that my parents got from spain already had patina and the buckles had scratches.They didn't get the original receipt,they just looked at it and made a note with date "exchanged for a new stock"
  5. congrats and welcome have any pics:graucho:
  6. Congrats and welcome to tpf, where your love for LV will turn into near obsession! :graucho:
  7. congrats, got pics?
  8. Welcome aboard!
  9. Congrats! Welcome to TPF!
  10. Wow, you've fallen hard...welcome, your among friends who share your obsession...
  11. Welcome to TPF- sounds like you got a great haul of LV. PICS are welcomed!
  12. congrats! wow! i wanna see pics of this loot! that is a LOT of stuff!
  13. Congrats and welcome!

    As for the receipt, I personally don't judge authenticity by the receipt or lack thereof, but it wouldn't hurt to have it in case you choose to sell in the future.
  14. welcome to tPF and congrats on your new purchases!!!
  15. Welcome to TPF and congrats on your big purchases.:flowers: