My LV Troville got lost!! UPS LOST IT?

  1. Dear all

    I have finally suffered from problems selling from eBay.. but Used UPS for shipping with the request of the buyer.

    heres the story...

    Buyer decided to do a buy it now, but shipping and insurance will be paid by her, since she said that UPS gives her a discount as she is a powerseller.
    -as for me first time shipping with UPS.
    - went to my nearest UPS store, the lady saw me took the bag out from the LV box to give it a through check and asked me to fill the shipping document, i paid for the shipping box and services and she said i am good to go.
    - so she packed the box for me but not infront of me.
    - this morning i tracked the item and saw that the item was recieved by the buyer.
    - i emailed her and she said i have got the box but it was empty!!
    - OMG i panicked as the bag was a gift from my huband and i have decided to sell it away as i am downgrading. THE BAG was GONe!!!
    -I also panicked as the insurance was bought by the buyers business acct, so nothing is protecting me if she goes to paypal and lodge a missing item dispute..!!
    -If she does that there goes my rent money!!!
    - we contacted thru and fro and she seemed like a very sincere person though , she told me that if ups refunded her the money she will rest this case, which i think is fair,because as for me i am already selling the bag to her at about 50% less then the retail price..
    - i am so stressed out..
    -when i spoke to her she told me that the box was labelled for 5 pounds but when she weigh it , it was only 3 so she suspected something was wrong, thats when she opened it up and there was no bag..

    - See the thing is the actual weight of the lv box and the trouville is 7 lbs 8oz to be exact, i know for sure as i went to the postal office to have it weigh since it was along the way, but now she said its only 5lbs stated? so could it be the lady who packed the bag in for me???? i dunno... or have i met a scammer??? i really pray hard that its not..
    My god it is such a mystery...

    - i am so sad with mankind that pple can steal ? :sad:
    now i hope that UPS will give her back the money and we can go on with our lives.. though its sad that my bag ended up in some thieves arms..:crybaby:

    anyone who experienced this before?
  2. Did you not get any receipt from the post office when you handed it over? That should have the weight of the package on.

    You did get some receipt, yes??

  3. :crybaby:

    hi there
    i did not mail it thru the postal office as per requested from the buyer.. i dropped it off the ups store nearest to me..and the lady there told me that i am good to go without weighing it or stating it infront of me.. shady isn't it?
    Anyways i called the store up and they said it was neva their practise to pack the stuff infront of their customers!!
    so the shipping document doesnt have the weight written!! and she didn even asked me to.. gosh i feel so stupid.. :sad:
    the only document i have was the shipping document....
  4. Go back to the UPS store and demand to speak to the manager! Why on earth did you leave the bag to be packed by the UPS staff?! There aren't many people who don't know that something from LV is worth something and maybe she thought she'd got lucky and just stole it

    I'd also call UPS head office and tell them what's gone on

  5. hey mooks.. yeah i guess i trusted people too much.. and i did call the store it seems like they are backing their own staff.. i think most likely it is her.. and since it was my first time with UPS and last, i paid for packing fees man!!! well, i do not know if i should call the head office as now they are doing an internal investigation from what i heard , from the buyer of my bag, since it is billed to her it seems like she is taking charge of the claim... :sad:
  6. I would still call.....really kick up a stink about this! It sounds too suspect to me that it would be the receipient who would do that
  7. FIOFIO...

    I had this exact thing happen to me but with clothes I had ordered from a boutique in New Jersey when I was living in Alabama. The only other difference was it was mailed from USPS as the boutique preffered.

    Normally, at that time, I typically mailed packages FedEx or UPS. This was the 20th time I had ordered from this boutique & just sent back what I didn't want.

    This is how the USPS worker got away with it...hubby & I were headed to the beach & had 3 packages to for my mother for mothers day, one birthday gift to a friend, & my return to the boutique. I stayed in the car but hubby did all the right things & he is quite "mailing savvy" having done it a million times!!

    He walked up to the counter & presented each package individually, mailing each priority mail with the declared value for insurance as well as tracking confirmation. He requested $850 insurance & tracking on the boutique package as he got to it last & he saw the winch stamp it and each transaction had 2 pieces of info & tracking to keep up with. She also stapled all the papers together & the boutique ones were on the bottom.

    We went to the beach, returned, & when I spoke with my mom she got her suprise early so I decided out of the blue to check in with the boutique...nirmally I didn't even call them to check on a return because they send store credit slips in the mail. Guess what? A big fat empty box!!!!

    I NEVER mail anything USPS...turns out after speaking to the shop I dug out my stapled receipts & what she had done was insure the package for $50 & not $850 & the magnificent USPS gods cannot track & are not responsible for anything insured for $50 or under...boy did she know what she was doing!!!

    BTW, the UPS stores I've used have always packaged & "popcorned" my packages in front of me or tossed them to a packing guy a few feet away whom I could also see. That is why I'm especially heartbroken to hear how they apparently did you..please keep us posted & good luck!!!
  8. I mail packages out to my friends form the UPS store in the next town and I have seen them package and give the papers to the people right in front of them. I would think it is odd that they would not do it because unless one knows the weight of the package with what they use to pack it how can they get a shipping price. To leave without a receipt for shipping and the weight is bad on your part. It is hard to say who is the one stealing the purse. Bottom line, pack your own stuff and take it to the post office next time. Sad to say but you really can't trust anyone.
    I hope it gets straightened out. Do you have any paperwork for proof of mailing and insurance? If she paid for insurance do you have a copy of the email from her saying she did this? She might have planned this scam from the start????
    What I find strange is you went to the post office to weigh the bag and then left to go to UPS??? Then the woman who bought the bag says she questioned the weight when she got it and weighed the box before she opened it???? Does not make sense. Does your UPS show any shipping weight on any paper given to you? If they packed the box does it say Louis Vuitton purse with a declared value? I really don't see how they can get away with it if they packed it and then somehow the weight gets lower when it is shipped out????
  9. I've dropped off packages and had them wrap it up after I've gone at UPS. It depends on how busy they are. They always weighed it and insured it first, though, to get the correct shipping price. I've also insuerd $1000+ items at USPS many many times. Do not blame yourself, You didn't do anything wrong, they UPS person stole from you. Hopefully it will all be taken care of in your favor. It sounds like the buyer is an honest person.
  10. im so sorry to hear of this! i really dislike dishonest people! i really hope that ' what goes around comes around!" ukwim.... take care and goodluck
  11. Ugh my heart breaks for stories like this... I hope it gets resolved and that the rest of us can learn from it.
  12. So sorry this happening to you and thank you for sharing your experience so others will be careful when dealing with these situations.

  13. hi there

    yes i do have all the emails that the buyer sent me, and on my shipping document i have the insured value and thats just it as the lady in the store asked me to fill all those up and asked me to leave,
    yes i when to the USPS to mail out a wallet i had for sale and i thought hmm.. i might as well weigh the lv box with the bag.. that was what happened.. i am sure the store lady stole it as the authentic trouville weighs 7 lbs 8oz and i can remember so clearly!!
    but the ups customer service said that the weight of the package was 5 lbs when it was mailed out from the store!!!

    Now the buyer told me that the claim may not be granted because that are still looking for the purse and they found no cause for the lost of the purse.. WTH???
    i am at my wits end.. if the buyer reports to paypal and demands a chargeback.. i will be in deep **** as i lost my bag that was a gift from my husband and now i have to pay her back???
    My eBay feedback score is 100% because i believe in honesty.. but now i might just have to wait and get a really bad feedback.

    to think that i was doing the seller a big favour by using her business acct, i have actually led my self to hell!! it doesnt pay to be nice...