My LV stuff...finally you all get to see my babies...

  1. 2006_1020_155400AA.JPG



    Lockit Horizontal
    Speedy 30
    Pouchette Accessoire
    Groom Pouchette Wallet
    mono cles
    red vernis cles

    That is my LV family....:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo: :heart: :yahoo: :heart:
  2. Aaawww, they're GORGEOUS!!!:flowers:
  3. also I introduced my LV family to my Gucci family and they hit it off pretty are the pics of the family get together:yahoo: :P :wtf: :heart:ohhh yeah MJ stopped by and so did Prada...what a get together:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
    2006_1020_155750AA.JPG 2006_1020_160115AA.JPG 2006_1020_160201AA.JPG
  4. wooooohooo!!! I just love that Lockit!!! Congrats! Lovely family you have there!!
  5. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing :flowers:
  6. SUPER ! :flowers:
    and how long ago have you started collecting? Nice collection in such a short period ! Congrats. I'm drooling... hehe

    Any pics. of "GROUP HUG" ? :idea:

  7. LOL!! You're too funny!! I love your family photos!
  8. What a terrific family of bags! Thanks for sharing. :flowers:
  9. OMG, I LOVE that big black Gucci bag in the back. which one is that??? Its goregeous!
  10. What a nice family you have! Congrats and thanx for sharing!
  11. Very nice!! :tender:
  12. oh beautiful :biggrin:
  13. the green Gucci is a real beauty!

    Nice collection!
  14. i love your groom wallet! it looks cute. :yes: enjoy your collection!