My LV Stamped PM arrived-Pics!!!

  1. It came in this past Monday! :love:
    mybag.JPG LVBag1.JPG LVbag3.JPG LVbag4.JPG LV5.JPG
  2. omg that is beautiful!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  3. Stunning! Enjoy!:yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
  4. Very cute!!!!!!!!! Love the colour and shape! Congrats on the new bag!!!!!!!
  5. Very nice, Congrat's.
  6. wow i love it... where did u get it from?
  7. GORGEOUS!!! :smile:

  8. I bought it from a lady who purchased it from the LV store in Lyon, France back in July.
  9. I Love That Bag!
  10. beautiful! congrats on the new bag. :smile:
  11. WOW! It's beautiful! Congratulations! =)
  12. wow!
    what an adorable bag!!
  13. Congratulations!!!:yahoo:
    I love that bags, the suede gives LV bags a very gorgeus/comfortable look!!!:love:
    The best suede bag of LV in size and color!
  14. Congrats :biggrin:
  15. Congrats, it's stunning!