My LV Snapshots + Dialog

  1. I've had a bit of extra time on my hands recently so, after being inspired by fellow tPFers, I started taking a few snapshots of my LV pieces. I post them here, along with a bit of dialog about each, for your enjoyment.

    My LV collection is a bit eclectic. It draws from a broad range of LV products and lines. It includes accessories galore, purses that caught my fancy, and lugagge, which has long been a desire of mine.

    Actually, it was the stylish, elegant pieces of luggage and trunks that were the initial appeal of Louis Vuiton for me. The brand seemed to share my passion for travel and give beautiful style to my nomadic lifestyle. I had dreamed of purchasing LV luggage for 20 years. And now, with the means to do more than just dream, I have finally begun to acquire.

    So I start with the few beloved (and frequently used) pieces of luggage in my collection ...
  2. A beautiful bag but I find that its shape makes it tough to pack it full yet still have easy access to getting laptops in/out at airport security. It has faithfully done duty in 6 states and 5 countries to date. It has also survived being wheeled around in a slightly misty/lightly raining conditions.

  3. I use this one for toting laptops and find that it makes for a great underseat carry-on. It holds everything I need for in-seat access on long haul flights.

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    This is the newest addition to my Luggage/Tote collection. And, my new favorite rollaboard. It seems like I can pack twice as much in it as the Eole due to its shape. With carefully packing, I can do a 3-4 day trip without checking luggage.


    Pegase1.jpg Pegase2.jpg
  5. LV handbags appeal to my sense of style and accomodate my desire for a bit of extravagant living. Whether paired with jeans and pumps or a dress and jewelry, an LV handbag adds just the right bit of glitz and glam to my day.

    Here are the purses that are travelling with me currently. Several of my other bags are in storage in the US and will have to be added later.
  6. This was my first LE purse. It's large but super fun and funky to carry. It easily holds my laptop when I feel the need to be super girly but still get some work done. I LVoe all the dangly baubles!

  7. This one often does double duty as I tend to keep my wallet & coin purse in the Eva and put the whole thing down inside other LV purses. It allows me to easily keep track of those important items in a large purse and also gives me the option of a smaller purse for impromtu after work outings where a big bag is just too much.

  8. Beautiful! Love to see a LV lady rockin the graphite
  9. I bought it for the watercolor pattern alone. Then I actually used it! I have found it surprisingly more roomy than I had ever thought possible. It holds my camera in the Okapi case GM, iPod Touch in Phone case MM, LV sunglasses in travel case, a slim wallet and keys with no problem.

  10. One of my favorites. I LVoe this purse! What more can I say?

    Trevi PM.jpg
  11. This was sweet. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Gorgeous collection pics so far :drool: ...Trevi :girlsigh: one day!
  13. An extra little bit of LV to add completeness, convenience or attractiveness to my outfits. I LVoe my accessories! I never try to coordinate them with either each other or with the purse or the tote of the day. I just grab the ones that suit my current needs and toss them in willy-nilly.

    I have yet to get them all photographed, but here are a few. I'll add more as I can.
  14. woha! what a collection!!
  15. These were gifted to my daughter when, after a few months, I realized that the shape quite didn't suit me as well as I had first thought.