My LV Shelton and French Purse...

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  1. I wanted to let you ladies know that I am listing my LV Monogram Mat Shelton and Monogram Mat French Purse on eBay right now.

    Wish me luck I am knew to this eBay thing; but, I am trying to fund my new Balenciaga addiction.

    Here is the # to my Shelton: 6844302469, and the # to the French Purse: 6844315335

    Also, any eBay veterans out there - if you see anything that I should be doing please let me know - I welcome all constructive criticism. :biggrin:
  2. Darn, you're selling everything?!?! You've got the b-bag addiction bad, girlfriend! LOL
  3. LOL - I know it may appear this way...but, I can't keep something I don't intend to use. :P

    I am not selling my Twiggy, Box, Silverado, or Carlos Falchi.
  4. And there's no rehab!
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