My LV SA just called me!

  1. UGH! My LV SA just called me to tell me that my Blue Denim Silk scarf came in today. But I just bought the Small Mono Agenda so funds are all tapped out. :crybaby: I feel soooo bad telling her that I dont want it. :crybaby: I just hate saying No to her. Do I just come out and say sorry I dont have the money for it at this time? How do you ladies (and gents) handle saying no to something your SAs have ordered in for you?

    PS. Anyone want to donate to the Poor Lisa Fund (all proceeds will be contributed to silk scarf purchase)? I thought I would ask - just in case. :girlsigh:
  2. Awww that's too bad! I had a similar problem last week when buying a LV keychain. The very nice lady kept showing me all the different keychains and I really wanted to buy them but I had to say NO and stick to my original purchase. She was amazed that I had such control and no breaking down to buy the really nice and expensive keychain! :smile: Good luck and don't feel bad, I find that the sales team at the LV stores are pretty understanding and really provide excellent customer service!
  3. I felt bad telling "NO" to my SA about all the goodies she was holing for me a couple of weeks ago.:crybaby: Don't feel bad. I am sure people do it all the time! Pus, it's OUR $$$ and only WE know when we can and can't spend it!:flowers:
  4. I agree, don't feel bad...feel smart for knowing your limits!
  5. My sentiments exactly!:yes:
  6. You should be proud of yourself for not buying something you can't afford as much as it may suck. Don't worry, you'll be back to LV soon and I guarantee your SA still luvs ya!
  7. well said!!! :yes:
  8. I too will have to agree with you. There will be other buys:smile:
  9. Let her know you appreciate her but you just can't get it right now....if she want to keep you then she will at least ACT
  10. I three agree..

    I know it's hard especially when SA is very nice :P
    I think I won't buy anything for a while..
  11. I'm a total sucker....hard time saying no! But....if you really can't afford it, then I think you could politely tell her that you've either changed your mind or that right now isn't a good time for a purchase.
    BUT....if you think you'll regret not buying it...that's a whole different story lol
  12. I remember the first LV I actually purchased was the pochette accessoires. Had to be very clear on what I wanted and why. The manager was pushing a Speedy, but I said, this is all I really planned on spending right now and thanked her. They're used to it; it's noting personal. Just be very polite (which I know you are) and say that you purchased sonething else and would consider later.
  13. Don't worry or feel bad, I'm sure she'll understand.
  14. yeah. I feel bad about doing that too. But trust me the SA's understand
  15. Since you can't do it this time tell her that, she'll understand, this won't be the first or the last time she hears "no thanks."