My LV reward for myself! warning: long!

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  1. Just wanted to share some exciting news with everyone (although you may not be even half as excited as I am...and may not even care but here goes!)

    I received my University final grades and found out that with my 3.9+ GPA I will be able to renew my $10,000 scholarship. It's been such a stressful first year for me in Engineering and I've been telling myself since February that once I find out I'm renewing my scholarship (I doubted it at the time, until I stepped out of my last exam) I will buy something from LV to reward myself.

    So tomorrow I will be going to LV Landmark with my boyfriend again to buy myself a pair of Obsession Carré sunglasses in grey! :party: I can't wait!!! These are so HOT; I love the monograms on the side!! :yahoo: He also fell with the LV Cup tie last time we were at LV Lee Gardens so he'll be getting that tie for himself. For his birthday this year I plan on buying him the brown mix monogram tie...hopefully they don't discontinue it just yet! (It's in December)

    These are in honey, the ones I want are grey with purplish-grey lenses...and silver monograms!

    And with this scholarship, it pays for whatever tuition fees and what's leftover is mailed to me and is mine to keep, so this means that Karman can go crazy during this year's Holt Renfrew PSN! :graucho:

    For my birthday this year, my boyfriend is giving me a small LV allowance. It won't be anything big since we just spent and will continue to spend a ton of money on our trip here together, so we will be sharing the cost of one small LV item.
    I plan on getting the monogram mini pochette, what do you guys think?

    Thanks for listening to me and letting me share my excitment with you guys!! :yahoo:
  2. Karman, CONGRATS!!!!!!!! ahhh that is such an accomplishment, you definitely deserve it!!
  3. Fantastic grades! Congratulations!! You've definitely earned something special from LV. The mono mini pochette sounds like a good choice! Good luck!!
  4. Congrats! That's a really nice reward to yourself...mind you I do the same thing! Hope you're having the best of time in Hong Kong!!!
  5. Congrats Karman!! :woohoo:
  6. Congrats Karman! What a great reward. You should be proud of yourself!
  7. good job on getting such a good grade!
  8. congrats karman!! you definitely deserve a treat :smile: if you can wait for the release, check out the mini-pochette with the trunks and bags logo and see if you'd like it
  9. Congrats Karman! You definitely deserve those sunglasses. Hope to see pics when you get 'em.
  10. Congrats Karman, you are one smart girl and you deserve to get yourself something as a reward..enjoy your sunnies and the rest of your trip with your BF.
  11. Lovely sunglasses- post pics when you get them!
  12. congrats!!! you and I can start the scholarship fund for LV!!! LOL!!! congrats! you deserve it and definitely go crazy this year:yes:
  13. Congrats! That's a nice treat to reward yourself with :smile:
  14. wow...congrats!!!
  15. Congrats on the Sunnies & your renewed scholarship!!

    I wanted these and I tried them but but they look funny on my face shape. So now I want to try on the Soupcon ones.