My LV purchases today.

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  1. :biggrin: Speedy 40 since I am going on a cruise in March and need a carry on.

    Pochette Accessories, just because. :biggrin:

  2. :love: love it!!!!!

    so beautiful! :love:

    thanks so much for sharing!!!! i'm gonna go home and give my LV speedy a hug :love:
  3. very nice!!
  4. The Speedy 40 is perfect for carry on luggage. Good choice! ;)
  5. I LOVE it!!! What cruise? DO tell!!!
  6. hahah nice =) I just got a speedy 25 today also =). I like the pouchette also =)..I love mine its the great size to just hang around
  7. Traveling in style ... way to go!!!
  8. Oohhh.. lovely!!
  9. I Have To Stay Off This Lv Discussion Site - I Only Have One And Used To Feel Lucky To Have It - But Oh My, Multiple Vuittons - And Luggage Size !!!!!
  10. Hey LV!

    My boyfriends company that he works for is renting a small ship from one of the cruise lines, and paying for all employees and 1 guest per employee ! The food, the drinks, everything. It is just a small cruise, but it's free!

    We're going to be on the ocean for 1 day, then in Cozumel for 1 day, then on the ocean again for one day. The owner felt bad bc last quarter was bad so he was only (his words) able to give everyone $100 a piece for Christmas bonuses. (Which he took out of his personal checking account.) So when this quarters sales sailed through the roof he said he's taking everyone "sailing". But on a ship HAHA!!!! And he's taking 1 guest per person bc he said everyone has someone at home or a loved one that has put up with the employee working long hours, so he is taking them too. He is really an amazing man. All we pay for is our food on land and any souveiners, excursions. Plus he is renting luxury buses to take us to/bring us back from the port.

    I have never been on a cruise so I am very excited, and the biggest ship I've been on is in Panama City on the Dolphin adventure ship!! :lol:
  11. ^^^Sounds fun!!! I would LOVE to get away now even for a few days!
  12. Love the purchases!!!!
    I'm looking for a carry-on for my trip to Hawaii and was wondering what made you decide to get the speedy 40 as a carry-on?
    Did you consider the LV keepall?
    Enjoy your cruise!!
  13. I love the larger speedy bags :biggrin:
  14. Thanks! I looked at the keepall, but for some reason I just kept gravitating back to the Speedy. I really just wanted something that was big enough to put a bunch of stuff in, but not a piece of luggage. I didn't want to have to "lug" a piece of luggage around, and this would be perfect to just carry around and throw small purchases in and keep on my arm.
  15. Congrats! Enjoy your cruise!