My LV problem may be getting out of control

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  1. I just recently began buying LV..I bought my first one Saumur..2 weeks ago..I just bought a vernis cles tonight and I really do plan to go buy a speedy 30 next I crazy?:weird: this mania normal..I'm pretty sure I'll calm down after the speedy "cause the wallet will be hurting..but sometime this summer I want to get a cabas mezzo..then I think I'll be least for '06..I hope...gasp:shame: ...has anyone else had this experience?..also it seems like there's a huge difference between the 30 and the 35..has anyone else noticed that?
  2. I know what you mean, and I think it's quit 'normal'. (otherwise I'm not normal too!):amuse:

    About the difference between the Speedy 30 & 35: I was in serious doubt when I got mine. I found that the difference was larger than I expected. Eventually I got the 35, because sometimes I carry a lot of stuff around. The SA told me that the 35 is considered as a 'handbag', but also as a normal sac to carry around (for papers...). In the latter case you can combine with another handbag (on the shoulder...). While the 30 is a handbag. I hope this is a bit clear!;)
  3. I think its quite normal, I have a bag fest at least a couple times a year, in which there is a bag every single week for a few months :lol: Just have fun! :biggrin:
  4. Definitely normal! If I didn't have a wedding to pay for this summer (and actually had a job and wasn't just a student) I would have gone nuts buying LVs too :P I bought a speedy 30 about a month ago.. Now I have to settle for smaller LV items such as wallets, agendas and keyholders... but the costs add up for the smaller items too!! (shhh, don't tell my fiancé :shame: )
  5. i don't think it's odd, if you've found a brand that makes things you love and find useful, more power to you!
  6. I went through the same thing after I bought my first LV. I got the Batignolles Horizontal, then within a few weeks went back and got a Speedy 30 and a Petit Bucket. LV are great bags you'll use forever. I have my eye on a Damier Alma too.
  7. Yup.. the buying spree. You'll eventually run out of steam, or money ! (That's what happened to me !)
  8. yeah!! it is normal or i am crazy, too. With me it started last November: i got my first lv an alma monogram, two weeks later an speedy 25, 1 day before x-mas pa cerise, x-mas key-ring which is as well the extension to the pa, porte tresor international, after x-mas key-ring with the advertisement from the 20's and finally yesterday: lodge pm in mc white. I just can't go into a lv shop without buying anything and next week epi wallet compact in red and than I am not visiting my already peronal sa anymore until my birthday in august. problem is I work immediatly next to lv shop that makes even harder and that the sa is calling when new items are coming in it is just unbearable. I have to say that there's somebody out there with the same "problem";)
    take care and shop!
  9. Hahaha we're all doing the same thing but it's such fun and why not enjoy our lives. Listen the guys have their, boats, media rooms, sports. Enjoy your treats!!!:love: You'll wind down when the money is gone. :lol:
  10. All I have to say is LV is ADDICTIVE!!! Its like the potato chips commercial that said you can't eat just one......In the case of LV's, you can't buy just one.
  11. Exactly, you get one then you want the matching wallet, agenda, smaller, bigger...etc etc heehee but it's so fun and timeless tho!

    Louis vuittons just too lovable :love: so get them whenever you can you are not crazy!;)
  12. Ugh, don't mention it. I found out that I've spent almost $2,000 since the end of last year getting the bags I have from the outlets, on eBay and on - it comes to about 1 bag every 2 -3 days and I haven't stopped. It got to the point yesterday where I was about to cry cause getting them makes me happy. I always say at least I'm not in debt though. Everything is paid off. I have to stop soon though (and just when I'm getting into LV!).
  13. yup.

    we are normal.

    all of us.

    obsessively normal.
  14. Sometimes I feel like purseblog is a really bad influence.. it's like a group of purseaholics supporting (and converting) purseaholics !
  15. i think everybody wants to do that...

    i wish i can... but no funds T___T