My LV mishap this morning. UGH

  1. I am so careful with my purses. I put the strap of my NEW LV green denim mini pleaty over the top of my chair in the kitchen so it would not be near the kids or food when the kids were eating breakfast. They were getting their things ready for the bus and I hear Mommy your purse is in the water. :amazed: I go in the kitchen and see my new LV sunk in the mop bucket of water that was by the kitchen door because I was going to wash the floors when I got back from the bus. It seems my kids put their backbacks on the chair and my son pulled his up and it caught on the strap of the LV and had it fly up and down into the mop water. I almost died:sad: ........ I took it out of the water and stuffed it with a towel and took the kids to the bus. When I came home I tried to blow dry it with a dryer and it looks perfect again. I spent a long time drying it and turned it inside out to do it too.:idea: The leather even dried with the blow dryer and not a speck of water mark on the leather which makes me wonder why the leather didn't get damaged. I am so happy I use Caldrea cleaner which is a non chemical cleaner. I think if I had a major cleanser or something with bleach the purse will be destroyed. Bad thing is my new camera cell phone is destroyed and my
    small leather wallet does not look too good but it was not a designer one so I don't care.

    So now I guess one does not have to worry about their LV denim getting wet.....
    I can laugh about it now.:lol: My son was so upset but I told him it was a accident and it will dry out.
  2. OMG!!!:amazed: I am glad it turned out to be OK!!!:biggrin:
  3. OMGosh sorry to hear. I'm glad your bag is ok but sorry to hear about the camera:sad:
    thank goodness for your cleaning agent.
  4. Wow!! What an expierence >_<! I'm so glad your bag is doing okay, but eeks about the phone and wallet.
  5. OMG, i'm glad that its ok... Good thing it's a denim, eh??? May be that's why LV charges extra for a non-leather piece...
  6. wow is all I can say! :shocked:

    i about died when my daughter wrote on my cerises pochette w/crayon :mad:, but i couldn't imagine my bag submerged in water!! :blink:
  7. OMG! What an experience. I would've freaked! Glad everything turned out alright...that's too bad about the phone though..
  8. Wow-- what a lucky turn of events!!! Where do you find this cleaner?? I seem to be always (unintentionally) bleaching something or another :mad:
  9. Great attitude about the whole thing, I know I would have probably cried and screamed for days. Remaining positive is such a fabulous characteristic, glad the bag is okay. :love:
  10. OMG :blink: ! How scary. I'm glad it sounds like it's going to be okay.
  11. You can buy these wonderful cleansers at I think also sells them. I am hooked on the whole line, your house will smell great when you use them and it actually makes cleaning fun....
  12. OMG, just the thought of a LV bag submerged in water!!!! Good thinking on your part. Glad it turned out ok.
  13. I had heart palpitations reading your story..... :amazed: I know that the denim is pre-treated with a stain guard, so that helped. I didn't realize the vachetta was though. It must be or else you would have had some darkening, right?
  14. I almost cried for you. I'm glad it came out okay :amuse:
  15. Thanks!! (My clothes, towels, and anything else that happens to get in the way of cleaning agents thank you too!) :P