My LV MC Theda GM- What do you think it is worth?

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  1. I have had my LV MC white Theda GM so very sadly :cry: just sitting in its dust bag for over a year now. I think I have used it a total of 3 days. E-bay is a joke. I just cant sell it for $250 which is what it seems for the most part they are going for. I want to list it on a "buy it now" only. How much would you suggest I ask?? :blink:
  2. How light is the vachetta? If it's very light I'd list it for $1600ish BIN If it's very dark, then more in the $1300 range.JMO V
  3. The vachetta is just barely starting to patina. So you think I would get a buyer for around $1600?
  4. You can ask $1700.00 or Best Offer.
  5. I also have the same problem. Mine is brand new and in mint condition but the best offer i can get is a measly $1300. I paid almost $2300 for this when it first came out, and it retails for $2500 now. There is NO WAY i am letting it go for just $1300.
  6. I was actually debating on buying on MC theda bag the other day. I serched ebay and I think maybe one of them was real. I have sold a lot of handbags (all coach) on ebay and I think that you could get more than 1300 if the bag is in mint condition. If the leather is just pretty light still and there are no huge marks I would list the bag for $1900 starting bid and 2000 BIN. Be prepared to list the bag a couple times, as things at this price range tend to take a couple times to sell. Make sure you have a really good description and mention that the MC is making a huge comback for the spring because it is colorful and color is in! Good Luck!
  7. The listing fees itself is going to kill me if i have to relist it a couple of times.. I have listed it 3 times, and it still has no hit (serious buyer).
  8. Can you post pics?
  9. Please post pictures so that we can view the bag.
  10. Yeah post pics, maybe someone here will take it off your hands :biggrin: