My LV makeup bag was stolen from my suitcase!!!

  1. What can I say????????? While packing, I almost put my LV cosmetic bag (full of MAC makeup I might add) in my carry-on. I changed my mind because I wasn't sure that they will allow me (with the new liquids regulations) and didn't want them to end up taking the makeup. So........I put it in my suitcase. when I got to my destination.......IT WAS GONE!!!! I contacted the airline and asked them...what next, I want to be compensated. I got an email saying a rep will contact you, but NOTHING has happened yet!
    I am really angry:cursing: :cursing:.

    ANY ADVICE ??????????????
  2. Wow- that sucks! I'm sure the airline will compensate you.
  3. That sucks :sad:
  4. Not only do I miss my LV cosmetic case ( the only makeup bag I own), but I miss my makeup. In there was my best collection of makeup. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  5. I'm sorry that happened to you...Hopefully the airline will put things right.
  6. OH, that does suck! I lost 4 suitcases last year flying on Delta.
  7. That's bad. Has the locks been tampered with?
  8. I am so sorry to hear this! Hopefully you'll get reimbursed for everything.

    Here's an interesting article I read the other day about all ALL airlines getting poor report cards for more lost luggage and flight delays then ever. Studies also showing that their airline services are just simply getting worse. The airline with the least complaints was Southwest and I have to agree because I always get excellent service flying with them.
  9. sorry to hear that, yeah i am curious too, was the lock tampered with?
  10. I thought you are no longer allowed to lock your luggage when traveling w/in the US. For the past 3 years, I've been traveling w/o locks on my luggage.
  11. wtf!!! that sucks. i would be pist!!!

    the workers or whomever have NO right to snoop around in your belonging and take things!! That's stealing!!!

  12. Sorry that you lost your make up bag!

    The airlines are allowed to legally search your bag, but usually they put a note inside to notify you that it has been handsearched. Or at least that has been my experience.

    I hope your issue gets resolved quickly! I'd just be prepared that they may ask for some sort of proof that it was in your bag... like, I'd imagine its very hard to verify claims when the entire bag is not missing and just an individual item is missing.
  13. Thats right you can't lock your bags. So, my bag was wide open. I have traveled many times before with designer bags in the suitcase, WHY THIS TIME??
  14. ps. just wanted to add that in general, be very careful checking luggage and make sure there is nothing in there that you won't be too upset about losing.... even if the entire piece of luggage is lost, the compensation is definitely not worth what you put in it. It is usually compensated a set amount per pound of luggage... so I'm making this up but say your luggage was 30 pounds and you get compensated $10/pound... well $300 will not even replace two pairs of jeans you put in there, let alone everything else.

  15. I think they can manually search but they would put a sticker indicating it was searched. I didn't see one.