My LV lovers! i need some help!

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  1. #1 Feb 26, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2014
    hello everyone!
    so i just bought my first Louis Vuitton and it was Speedy 25 in DE but the problem is im so in love im already looking for my next LV item.
    anyway. im torn between getting a pre-loved mono speedy or.. buying a zippy coin purse. i do not have any kind of nice wallet so i thought the ZCP would be a perfect start for me. but then again i would rather justify spending the money more on a purse. HELP! what should i get?
    thanks =)
  2. Congrats on your first LV! If you don't have a wallet yet, I'd get that before the next bag. The ZCP is super cute. Good luck deciding!
  3. natural reaction
    look for a wallet perhaps to get more variety
    and you might find a great deal
    good luck :smile:
  4. Wallet! That way u get to wear them both at once ;)
  5. thank you! does anyone know if the price increase will affect the SLGs too and if it will be a lot?
  6. ZCP! I have one and love mine. Then you can get a mono speedy later .
  7. Wallet
  8. get the wallet !
  9. Yes SLGs will increase too. I would get a bag though instead of a wallet.
  10. Get a ZCP! It's cute, not big, holds quite a lot and fits in every bag! I love mine in DE ;)
  11. If you have enough fund, I would get another speedy. I was same like you, I got s ZCW though, which I really love, but now I think I should have got another speedy instead. For almost the same money, a bag is much worth than a SLG.
  12. this is a hard one. I vote speedy. I'm a beginner myself and would prefer to get all my large items first!
  13. I would go wallet over a new one.... Than get the new one after ;) hehe
  14. I would go for a wallet :smile: zip is a great popular choice. Good luck with your decision!
  15. I would get the speedy