My LV "loot" before price hiking...

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  1. Sooo,,, I got my package today. It can't be called "loot" cuz I just bought two items. They are cabas mezzo and epi madarin Croisette PM. I have a question about mezzo cuz I got this bag and it doesn't have that small card inside saying the model number and name of the bag. According to the Elux mezzo dimension it is 19" L, 13" H. But I measured mine, it is approx 13" by 13" or 13.5". According to the measurement of cabas piano it is bigger than cabas piano, Is it the same dimension for all cabas piano owners?

    I love the croisette, it is cute. And I smell it, it doesn't have the smelly smell that other mandarin epi owners complained about.:heart:
    croisette.JPG mezzo.JPG
  2. Pretty. I bought a mandarin agenda and I'm thinking about a bag to go with it. That is definitely on the list!
  3. Great bags!!! Love them! Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. I've never seen that epi bag before!:shocked: I LOVE IT!!!:love: And you can't to wrong with cabas!!! CONGRATS!!!
  5. Welcome to the Cabas Mezzo club!! I love throwing everything in that bag and zipping it up...enjoy.
  6. I think it still be called loot, or should I call it booty. Nice booty! Love the Mandarin!
  7. I have thought about getting it for a long time. This is my first monogram canvas LV since I am so scare that patina will turn ugly on my bag....Should I be very careful at first not to get water stain on it to make it patina gracefully?:biggrin:
  8. Oh I love the Croisette. It's such a professional looking bag =)
  9. Just be careful of the bottom for a few months or so. Don't set it on anything especially wet or dirty. Afterwards, it should be darkened enough that water spots won't show.

    Love the purchases by the way! Mezzo-I have it and LOVE the size..makes a great travel bag, too! And the Mandarin is my favorite epi color..I love it :heart:
  10. Congrats on your loot!!! They're beautiful.
  11. Great bags, I am in love with that Mandarin Croisette. You chose very well, I am so very jealous. Congratulations Chloe_c
  12. I love both of your new bags, especially the Croisette PM! I also thought the Cabas Mezzo was a lot bigger than the Cabas Piano. I was thinking the mezzo was at least 17" wide? They're both beautiful! Congrats!
  13. I just measured my Mezzo and it measured 16.5" long (from side to side) and 12.5" tall (from top to bottom.)
  14. Just had a look on and the dimensions for the Cabas Mezzo are; 14.9" x 13" x 6.1"

    Dimensions for Casas Piano are; 9.8" x 12" x 4.9"

    I wonder is this is to do with where they are made? Is your bag a US made one, as someone here mentioned previously, that sometimes the dimensions on the US bags can be slightly out with the Euro made one?

    Congrats on both bags, they are both absolutely lovely!

  15. Congrats! I love your new loot!