My LV Life in pics

  1. Hi everyone!

    I only discovered LV in April of this year (:wtf: I know, I musta been under a rock for the last 25 years). Anyhow, I have finally sorted out how to adjust the resolution on my photos and so here it is--my LV family all purchased in 2006. Just picked up the Epi two days ago in Vegas at the Wynn. Also, I forgot to pull my wallet out of my bag, so I also have the mono pouchette porte-monnaie credit NM.

    Happy New Year Everyone (I hope 2007 will be just as great an LV year for all as 2006 was for me!)
    IMG_3518_1.jpg IMG_3530_1.jpg IMG_4077_1.jpg IMG_4080_1.jpg IMG_4083_1.jpg
  2. Gorgeous collection!

    Happy New Year Lushbaby.
  3. Wonderful collection!
    And Happy New Year to you too!
  4. love the bags! do you post on the eBay shoes board?
  5. oh my, only started collecting this year? wow.. I love the MC fringe speedy, and the framboise agenda and cles, I love it!! congrats
  6. Hlfinn--yep I post there--mostly under a posting ID--I'm sure we've run across each other there:drinks:
  7. Very drool-worthy collection!!!! :drool: Congratulations!! Love that mandarin color!

    Happy 2007 to you too!!!
  8. OMG, can you please tell me what that epi model that mandarin is? It's beautiful!!! THX and happy new year!! :smile:
  9. beautiful collection!!! Happy new year's to everyone:yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. nice collections,happy new year to you too
  11. Happy New Year!


    Wonderful collection!:smile:

  12. Ya - I want to know also!
  13. Very nice collection. Happy New Year to you too.
  14. Happy New Year!

    And very pretty LV collection! I love the colors!
  15. Lovely collection!!! Happy New Year to you too!!!:heart: