My LV-less Christmas story...


Oct 31, 2006
the bf and i went shopping on the eve to pick out a present for myself. the element of surprise is NOT in our dictionary. after wandering beverly center for hours, the only thing i wanted was a pair of uggs (which they didn't have in my size), a french purse, and a digi cam. we ran into my aunt and she hinted that she got me a digi cam so that was out of the question. we went inside lv and he told me he'll just get me the french purse. while we were waiting for my SA to come out, i was over ridden with the guilt of having him pay $660 for a wallet that i walked out. so i had no xmas present. yesterday, we went to the mall again and i finally picked out my present. the tiffanys pearl bracelet.


now i'm thinking.. should i have gotten the vernis french purse on ebay? or should i keep this bracelet?:cursing:
I too went in to LV to buy a wallet and just could not do it. I think they are way overpriced. I bought a Coach one instead. No I don't love it as much as the LV, but for that money I could buy another Speedy. You made a good decision.