My LV is Peeling!

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  1. I decided to take out my mono bucket to use and realized that the inside linning is peeling. Is this possible?
    There was no water and i do take really good care of all my bag. Anyone have this happen to ypur bag ? Thanks
  2. Any pics?
    How old is this bag? If it's a more vintage one, that's common in those..either way, take it to your store and have them look at it.
  3. Do you live in a humid climate? The vuittonite in the makeup pouches and the bucket are known to peel over time, especially in humid weather.
  4. I live in San Francisco area so the weather is not that humid, what a disapoiment for a LV quality. :cursing:
  5. I'll try to take pic later, i have this for about 3 yrs but only used it about 6 times.
  6. darn, thats not very long :O
  7. ^^If it's gotten that little use than you definitely need to take to a boutique to see if you can repair it or maybe even exchange it.
  8. i used to live in the san francisco bay area... pacifica to be exact but my bucket was ok. it was really humid in pacifica though. i got my bucket in 2000 and left the bay 2005 but the inside still looks the same as the day i got it... of course there's tiny pen marks here and there but overall its still ok. do you store it in the dustbag and box? im just thinking that since my bucket didnt come with a box, i just stored it in the dustbag, it was able to "breathe". kwim? sorry this has gotten very long.
  9. \

    what a dissapointment:crybaby: to hear about your bag :sad: got to check up on my bags from time to time then. i'm shocked to hear how it just happened out of thin air. lots of ladies here are wondering the same thing.
    I live near SF too, and i don't think it has anything to do with the humidity. hope you can find out what made it happen or have LV help you out. hopefully they can
  10. Yes its possible, this is an issue with this type of lining, the cosmetic bag is the same way.

    You can have the lining replaced, how old is your bag ?
  11. People have talked about this problem before on the forum. Humidity is one cause and how the bags are stored can add to the problem. It is a easy repair from LV and I think it runs in the $150.00 range. I doubt if LV will exchange the bag or offer any free repairs--but if you do get it repaired maybe see if they can put another linning in made of a different material so it won't happen again.
    Good luck.
  12. My friend got the similiar problem with her mono bucket. She brought it to LV HK and paid around $80 to replace the linning
  13. I would take it to louis vuitton and get it replaced.
  14. :sad: That is the one thing I don't like about buckets...the vuittonite. It's an easy repair; I had mine repaired for only $66.