My LV is Missing!

  1. Hi everyone :smile:. I felt the need to post here because I know that at least you people will understand!

    You would not believe what happened. I used to be a serious LV collector but, in recent years I have been unable to afford any new bags. However, I have a better job now and I managed to save up and sell a few things so I could finally get myself a new bag. I have not been so excited about anything for years! After much consideration I decided to go for the Tivoli PM. So I purchased one on eBay for $1250. The seller was great and shipped it to me right away via EMS. Then yesterday I went to collect it from the post office and it wasn't there!!:cursing:

    I have called and filed a report, but they basically have no idea what happened to it, the tracking says it was delivered at the post office, but it's not there. They say they will get back to me in a few days. :wtf:

    I am so devastated that words cannot even describe it. It will take me 6 months to a year to save for another one (and no, it was not insured). I burst into tears at wprk yesterday :crybaby:, and when I tried to tell some people what happened they just stared at me like I was insane for being upset. I don't think they know how much these bags cost.

    Anyway i thought if anyone would understand it would be you ladies :smile:. Please send good vibes my way so that they might locate it (it's doubtful but I am not giving up yet!)
  2. I hope you manage to retrieve it! I though this was about someone loosing an LV by themselves, something that happened to me recently lol :upsidedown:
  3. I am very sorry to hear this is happening to you... but why should you be out the bag and $? Who should be responsible for insuring the shipment? the If you do not receive the goods, you should not pay... how did you pay? paypal? definitely file a claim immediately... DO NOT GIVE UP:flowers:
  4. that's horrible! I hope they locate it!
  5. gosh, sorry to hear that, hope that you will find out what happened and locate your bag!
  6. Yes, the shipper of the bag is responsible---not you! Contact the shipper immediately and make them aware!

    Keep us informed of your outcome! Good Luck!:smile:
  7. I'm sorry that it wasn't insured ... hope they find it soon!
  8. very sorry to hear that, you should tell the seller and if you don't get the item, you should get your money back. The seller should have insured that expensive bag.
  9. Who send an LV bag through EMS or any carrier uninsured???? Absolutely unacceptable! Contact the seller, your credit card company (hopefully you used a cc), paypal, etc., until you get some help! Good luck!
  10. Thanks for your responses. I feel a little bit better now :smile:. Actually it's my own fault it was not insured, so i suppose I should be blaming myself! I asked the seller to only insure for a small amount so that I would not have to pay up to 50% import duties when it arrived in my country. Guess I am regretting that now! :p

    I will let you when I hear back from the post office.
  11. I am hoping they will find sorry...kiley
  12. The seller should be responsible to insure the package sent to you. It is not your fault. Definitely, you did the right thing by filing a claim with the post office but also file claim with Paypal so the seller can refund you the money back. I really hope they can find your bag eventually at the post office. Alot of times these packages are just misplaced.
  13. Definitely let the seller know and be ready to submit a claim with Paypal to get your money back. It is the seller's responsibility to insure their items for situations exactly like this.
  14. that's so sad! i really hope they find it and that it all works out! keep us updated!
  15. The shipper is responsible - and it's their responsibility to insure, whether you paid for insurance or not. File a claim with paypal. If the bag didn't get to you, you get your money back. Simple as that. They are supposed to have delivery confirmation to you - not the post office, with signature, for anything over $200.00. They are out the money and the bag, not you.