My LV iPod Case and iPod were stolen!!!

  1. UGH... today was one of the worst and longest days for me... First, I got up late and barely made it to school on time, which is an hour away from where I live. So I get to school, I listen to music on my iPod before class starts, and then put it back up in my backpack. We get a break from class at 10:30 am, so I go into the computer lab to log onto tPF... I leave to go to the bathroom, come back, get my stuff, and go back to class. While I'm in my lab, I go into my backpack and look for my iPod so I could use the back for a mirror. I was freaking out because I couldn't find it anywhere... I go back to all of the places I was at, and it was nowhere in sight.

    So I go to the main office, and ask them if anyone reports a 30 Gig and LV Widescreen iPod case, to please call me. I also called the police to file a report. I get out of class at 12:45, I rush back home to get to work at 2:00, and I barely got off just a while ago. After I got home, I told my mom and just cried a little... :crybaby:

    It's just so frustrating that someone would take two things I love the most: my iPod mainly and my LV iPod case, which I worked SO hard to get! :hysteric: I've calmed down a lot now... I'm just pissed off and sad to know that some low life thinks stealing makes him feel like a bigger man. :cursing:

    Thanks for being all ears everyone... :heart:.
  2. Oh geez, I'm SO sorry!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that it gets found or turned in.
  3. AWW. I am so sorry, J! Which ipod cover was it Mono or MC?
  4. Oh John, I am soooo sorry. I can so relate! Two of my most favorite things as well.
  5. John that sucks!!! I hope someone is decent enough to turn it in for you. You are such a good person, that I can't believe this happened to you.
  6. awwwwww... i am so sorry john....! i hope they turn up....!

    what comes around, goes around.................
  7. people can be so low, im sorry this happened to you. hopefully this will be resolved.
  8. Aw man... that super sucks.... [​IMG]

    You want my posse should find them & mess them up a li'l bit? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. oh my goodness, that's horrible!! I hope you have your music backed up so at least you still have that. :sad:
  10. Hey John, so sorry to hear about your day. Hugs from all your friends here at TPF! Hope it turns up though. :flowers:
  11. Awwww that stinks ! :sad: Were there other people around where you left your bag ? Maybe someone could have seen something....
  12. Being robbed sucks. And unfortunately afterwards you learn to always keep a tight reign and constant watch on your things.

    I'm sorry. :sad:
  13. that sux big time. sorry!
  14. Oh, that's horrible! I am so sorry to hear that!
  15. Sorry John!! That sucks!!! Hopefully the perp gets caught!!!