My LV 'Investments' ........what's yours?!!

  1. Hi, just wana share with you on my LV investments so far... I definitely want to build them up so I'm starting a purse fund officially as of now.... how about you? Show me yours too:rolleyes:(pixs pls)
    Collection.jpg Closeup.jpg
  2. Great pieces! My investments are linked in my signature lol. :yes:
  3. Love yours. Great taste. My photos are on the way.
  4. mine is in my sig too! :smile:
  5. awesome, thanks for sharing :smile:
  6. Very nice collection! Love the Neo Cabby!
  7. My collection aka investments has their own link in my signature.
  8. Wow,wow wow... all your collections looked awesome... Makes me feel I still got a lonngggg way to go.....:sneaky:
  9. FAB! Congrats!
  10. great collection! thanks for sharing!
  11. Beautiful investments! :p Congrats & Enjoy! :yes:
  12. Hahahahaa....this is cute!! Great investments indeed! I love your collection, keep growing it!:heart:
  13. Nice collection :smile:
  14. Looking good!!!
  15. love your cabby and passy!

    here's mine :smile: