My LV & I HATE Snow!

  1. GAH! I am so sick of this stupid white stuff falling from the sky. It is seriously interfering with my ability to accessorize. I can only wear 2 bags out of my whole collection (my 2 Damiers) and it is driving me insane.

    I peek in my closet and I see cherries, and blossoms, and pandas, and beautiful multicolores pleading with me to take them outside.

    But alas....I tell them they are only worthy of beautiful sunny days where they won't be exposed to the harsh elements of snow.

    "Snow?", they ask. I tell them that snow will ruin their lovely patina and leave them with little spots like chickenpox!

    I HATE snow! It has been snowing everyday for the last 2 weeks...I am sick and tired of snow! On the days it doesn't snow...the weatherman still says it is going to snow (gee...where'd you get your degree? University of Ruin-Everyone's-Day?) so I can't take the chance.
    The snow is seriously making me angry....I wish I had chosen Texas to go to grad school!
  2. I feel ya! I am itching for spring too and it's not that bad here in NJ this year.... hang in there!:flowers:
    I'm using my pomme d' amour wallet to cheer me up while I wait.......:whistle:
  3. spring will be here soon sweetie...then bring them all out and play
  4. I dunno. Maybe I'm older, but I rather love my bags while I'm still able to. Life's too short. Maybe you look on the bright side. You got all those gorgeous beauties just waiting for you to love each spring and summer season! Lucky you! Don't worry spring/summer will be here before you know it! Then you need to worry about the sweat!:sweatdrop:
  5. i loooove snow! but i wouldnt have any lv to carry in it anyways..
  6. speedy is in hibernation...that's why I got a gucci..
    no vachetta = OK for rain and snow!
  7. When I got a SPOT on my keepall straps, I took a damp cloth and then went over all the leather so it blended in. It came out just fine, then I got tanning lotion on my handle once and that F'ed it up bad but when you carry it, you can't tell!

    little help if your worried
  8. OK, so off I went this past weekend to my son's hockey tournament and took my mono lockit with me. Did we not get caught in the biggest snow storm EVER?!:nuts: And my lockit still had virgin vachetta!!!:push: I must say I was SHOCKED that it didn't get any wated spots.

    Twiggers, don't sweat it, my dear!!! Just use your bags if you want to! Esp. your black MC speedy! It used to be my "bad weather" bag while I had it!:graucho:
  9. i'm so sorry you are having a horrible winter. I can sympathize, even though the most snow boston had this year was blown away with a straw. I've been able to take out my azur speedy, in the hopes of getting a lil patina on its lil handles. I hope winter goes away for u
  10. long live the summer! but it seems so long, good luck ;)
  11. It snows here in Texas too. The University of Miami would have been better! It's too late to transfer I suppose?
  12. I hate snow when carrying LV! When I left Russia, it hadn't been snowing for at least a month, but of course, the day I left, you barely could see ahead of you because of all the snow. And to make matters worse, there was some misunderstandings between me and the taxi company, so I had to stand out in the cold for 20 minutes! Of course, I took my coat off to protect my keepall and it was really cold, though worth it - spots on my keepall will stay there forever, I can ride off a cold in a week.
    I live in snow country, and I'm really looking forward to carry my LVs again. It hasn't been snowing for about a week now, but I don't want to risk getting caught by surprise although I always carry around a plastic shopping bag in my LV just in case.
  13. I feel for you twiggers I live in the uk it rains about 365 days a year!!
  14. i hv a feeling that spring will be earlier than usual this year...don't worry, other bags will be usable soon!!
  15. Twiggers...i hear ya!! Which is why I bought the Looping GM and Mini Looping from Let-Trade to use when it snows/rains, etc. (plus I have 2 Gucci's) - b/c they are already worn in!! Whereas my BH will too have to sit for a long and lonely winter - so sad!! you are not alone, just think - when our chicago meetup takes place in April - if that is the decided date, then you will be able to bring out your collection again!!!!

    ..tough love for a LV!! HA! HA!