my lv hotstamping (jason u asked fot this)

  1. here are some pics of my hotstamping (exuse the mess and i am one of the most horrorable photographers lol)
    DSC00718.JPG DSC00707.JPG DSC00705.JPG DSC00703.JPG
  2. you can barely see the natural
    hotstamping in the pic sorry
  3. ooooh that's that color stamped onto the canvas? :love:

    oh never i crazy or do i see a gold stamp and then an imprint of your initials too?

    will LV hot stamp any of their products?.....i have a really really old wallet that i've love to get hot stamped
  4. ^I Think I See That, Too.....But, It's Looks Really Nice!
  5. yeah i got it done natural colour (the sa talked me into it) as appose to gold which i really wanted but i didnt like the way it turned out so i had them do it again in gold (that sounds really *****y but i promise it wasnt)
  6. does the gold flake off over time or is it a pretty permanent thing? sorry for all the questions just really curious :P
  7. no your right i love to answer questions that i know the answers of, i have had the gold in for about 4 months nows so its relatively new, and i dont use my lv everyday either. so i wouldnt know exactly but it is a gold paint thats used and the initials are imprinted so unless you get a tool to pick out the gold it should be fine, also note that lv will not re-hotstamp an initial over a colour (they will if you want it deeper) but they can never mach the area twice and a spill in the ink will occur which means a full refund on your item, hence lv will not take this large risk and colour hotstamping is forever! if u use it everyday and take reasonable care of it i dont see why it shouldnt last for 20 years or so and buy then we will be on the market for a new wallet!
  8. also know kotstamping personalizes your lv and if your looking to resell it in the future, it devalues it quite a bit as few people have identical initials so think about before you hand in your collections for stamping
  9. are you looking for examples of heatstamping?
    Here is my luggage tag.


  10. the tag looks pink in the photo, is it from a special collection or just discolouration in the photo?
  11. Just bad lighting. I only have 1 lamp in my livingroom. :biggrin: Plus the tag is brand new. it was a gift from my SA, I picked it up Friday.

    Also just to let everyone know, the stamping is not done by hand, it is done by a machine, so there is a chance it will come out not perfect, and LV really won't do much about it if it comes out just a little wrong.
  12. the heatstamping in gold looks really good.....contrasts so well with LV colors.....will they only do it on things you purchased on the spot though?......i have a few wallets i've had for years that i'd love to get heatstamped but i'm too embarassed to ask them :shame:
  13. I bought my speedy 40 and had it about a month before I took it in to get stamped. (read my thread about my experience.) I wouldn't take anything that has sentimental value. I would just do a brand new item so you're not too attached to it yet. And whatever you do, inspect it throughly before you sign for it. Even though the line just says "picked up by".
  14. um you can get it done without appointment (here in australia anyway) and they tell you to come back in a week or so to pick it up, this will vary with the amount of stock they need to get through i.e. christmas period takes longer due to the gifts, you can get almost anything lv done as long as its authentic it doesnt need to be wiht purchase as i had these done months after i bought them