my LV goodies

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  1. so went to LV today with SO who previously hated LV ( no idea why) anywayz.. got some goodies.. pics to follow.. hehe SO is no longer an LV virgin as he got a lil something tooo..

  2. Did you get a cles...?
  3. Oooh I am so excited to see!!

    What is it?!?!!??!
  4. Is that the *gasp* snowglobe :drool: ? And ummm...a wallet/cles?
  5. I know it :yahoo: can't wait to see the pics
  6. heheheh they are coming now...

    no cles.. they ran out of the indigo vernis..
  7. welll here is what SO got...

    Epi wallet in red.. not wallet but little notes and CC holder. he needed somthing small
  8. It's the snow globe! I'm so happy for you! :yahoo:
  9. Nice wallet!
  10. oooh that looks hot in red!
  11. DAIMER AZUR SPEEDy 30! love it!! and it LOOKS SUPER hot with an indigo cles.. but the one they had was damaged and tehre were no more... i have to go to another LV to get the indigo but it MATCHES perfectly...
  12. i have the same pocket organizer in damier!!! :yahoo: i have yet to use it though :crybaby:

  13. I am jealous that you have the new speedy! Congrats! Even though I didn't want the speedy, I'm really reconsidering...
  14. ^ you hould tototaaaly get it. its super hot.

    hey is it meant to come with a box? cuz mine didnt?

    SNOW GLOBE>.. SUPER HOT:yahoo:

    sorry for bad pics. its a camera phone
    01112006215.jpg 01112006216.jpg