My LV game...

Hi guys, this is a silly post in response to my desperate need for handbags and my equally desperate need to budget :shame: Inspired by those of you who emphasize being responsible about bag buying, I've thought up a sort of savings "game" for my next LV. Maybe it works for you too :P :

I definitely want a Mono Speedy 30 (thanks Ayla for talking some sense into me about my mono concerns!), and I anticipate it costing about $620 with tax after the price increase, maybe more. But $620 is a good estimate. So I've decided to save up the cash, the only rule being that however much I save I have to put DOUBLE that amount towards some bill or savings. So if I save $50 for the bag, I need to save $100 or spend an extra $100 on a CC bill or student loan. This keeps me from spending all my spare cash on bags. And when I'm carrying around my new Mono Speedy later this year, I know it will have put $1240 more than I anticipated into improving my financial situation. And that will make me feel great :biggrin:


Jan 26, 2006
ayla said:
That's a great plan.. I wish I could be so disciplined ! ;)

By the way, I'm really, really glad you've decided on a monogram bag despite your initial misgivings !

link me to that post.. b/c I really want a speedy 25 monogram, but everytime I decide to go buy it, I tell myself that everyone is carrying one which most propably is a fake, so how different mine can look! :cry: